Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Journey to reduce waste

My journey started around 2010. Thanks to Big Ideas for a Small Planet! From the simple act of refusing plastic bag when shopping, I'm now exploring further. Recently, I decided to go public and share my experience as below :)


Simply because it is the right thing to do: Being a good steward of our planet earth, for ourselves, generations to come and the many living creatures. I'm far from being zero waste, not even a vegan (these are NOT my goals). I am concerned about the environment and I feel strongly about this, almost as close to my passion and career which is music haha! 

1. I just started using Ecosia LOL!
2. I have a bamboo straw and a straw from a mason jar mug I got as a gift.
3. I carry my water bottle EVERYWHERE
4. Currently using a bamboo toothbrush with nylon bristle.
5. I started using a menstrual cup 5 months ago.

More to learn and discover. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My scaling experience @ Government Dental Clinic (Shah Alam Section 7) for RM3 ONLY.

The last time I did scaling was 3 years ago at University of Malaya's dental clinic, that's a long time ago! :O  I don't have a dental clinic that I visit regularly so I google.ed dental clinic near my house. Much thanks to JessyTheKLChic for her informative post!

Klinik Pergigian Shah Alam Seksyen 7

walk up...

I made it here!

Operating Hours: 8am-1pm (Morning session for walk-in patient) The clinic begins registration at 7:30am.

I asked if I can make appointment and come back again in the afternoon. The staff explained to me that afternoon session is for those who did their dental checkup here and need to do dental surgery so they are the ones who make the appointment. I didn't go early as what the blog advised. 10am and I managed to find parking at the parking lot. Parking spaces are limited. Many cars parked by the roadside, double parked etc. Went to get the number and gave my IC to register myself then the waiting game begins. 35 patients before my turn. By 11am, the clinic stopped taking in registrations.

I had my earphones with me but I need to be alert of my surroundings. Basically checked my mails, arranged my schedule (school holiday for this teacher yay!), messaged my family to tell them I made it safely here and update them from time to time HAHA. Time flies I tell you. My name was called and I was given a pink coloured card which is a Kad Kedatangan (attendance card). Paid RM 1 for that. The waiting continues....


By 12 noon, I was done with my scaling. Dr Izzah said my teeth is in good condition hence the fast procedure. AND the black dot that I thought was cavity is just a stain lol? #HappyKim. There were some water drips on my shirt during scaling but I have no complains. Came out to pay for the scaling. RM 2 ONLY! RM3( I know I paid RM 3 in total but the scaling itself is RM2, get it? :P) Went home and watched a scaling video for the first time HAHA. I do not experience gum bleeding because nothing much to clean also. You can watch scaling videos on YouTube for a better understanding of what scaling does to your teeth :) Overall, I had a good experience with the government dental clinic, cheap lagi! :D 

Useful links:
- Find your nearest government dental clinic in Malaysia HERE. Type your location (Example: Klang) and click search. 
- List of Dental Treatment Charges HERE. See the price for extraction, filling and all... cheap right?! Now, go give your teeth some love and get it checked!

Thanks for reading. God bless :) 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Journey with The Rojak Projek so far...

HELLO! I'm involved with The Rojak Projek and I've been helping out with 2 parties so far. I basically do registration when people step in, then I EAT in between LOL, make new friends and listen to what different people have to say about our beloved country, Malaysia. You NEED to come to one of our parties to see how things roll yea :) So, WHAT IS The Rojak Projek? 
Now is a good time to check out the beautiful website I PROMISE it's gonna answer most of your curiosity ;) HERE: http://www.therojakprojek.com/

BnW Photo Credits: The Rojak Projek

The Rojak Party #1 @ Charlie's Cafe

We're selling Hungry Mail (#hungrymail) to help fund Phase 2. We're filming a documentary & continuing our art movement and all these need DUIT so come and sapot us :) It's RM35 for 1 pack of Hungry Mail, RM60 for 2 packs when you buy at the door. Hungry Mail is your entry ticket to The Rojak Party. Let's say you come with a friend, that makes it RM30 per pax for FOOD and delicious-looking postcards, what a DEAL! ;) If you've been to a previous Rojak Party with your #HungryMail purchase, you can come again with a ticket entry of RM15!

I actually went to Charlie's Cafe the following week after the party to try the chicken chop ANNND the Durian Softserve! *so good*
D24 Durian Softserve! *drools*

The Rojak Party #2 @ Pickle & Fig TTDI 

That's all. Not many pics from me cuz Busy-mah. Glad to be a part of this movement, working with young, passionate Malaysians who are hungry for a better Malaysia. Next Party is on the 16th of December at League of Captains! Click HERE! for Event Page. I'll be missing this one though :( But you can go and tell me how it went :)

Thanks for reading. God bless! :)

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

国立台湾美术馆 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts + 高美湿地 Gaomei Wetlands (Day 6 in Taiwan)

LONG OVERDUE POST. Missing Taiwan. Never realised my love for museums until this! We came here twice during our stay in Taiwan. Each visit took us half day, so much to see! Most of the exhibitions there are FOC and of course, we fully made used of that ;) #score

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Monday, 11 July 2016


"All or nothing"

This is how I've been, especially with my relatively new working life. The good side is, I give my best. The con is, I get so easily worn out. My best is of course not perfect. As I reflect on life, I do this even to my blog lol. It's either I blog my heart out or I don't blog at all. Goodness, this could have been the case with my final year project. I either write well, or not write at all, and procrastinate  One of the main reason I choose to write/blog is I am not good with talking at all. I take the longest time to think of a better way to 'say' things. Writing gives me that space, to think through, and slowly type my thoughts out. You have no idea how many times I've edited this short passage LOL. I surrender my all: my best, also my imperfections and flaws to God. I am thankful that God sees the heart while humans tend to see the results I produce. God molds me, breaks me, to be a better version of me. In my imperfections, in times when I'm at my worst state, I'm surrounded by beautiful souls who chose to be by my side, journeying with me, praying with me. I thank God for every single one of you. 


Thanks for reading. God bless you! :)

Saturday, 27 February 2016

A year after EARC...

I met Passion at East Asia Regional Conference (EARC) 2014, organized by IFES, held in PD Methodist Centre. EARC is the largest conference I've attended so far with about 700 delegates from various East Asian countries. Passion is bubbly and friendly. We just clicked and we were in the same outing group. During the conference, she invited me and Yi Yeen to visit her at Taiwan. To keep my long background story short, the point is, I don't get to go overseas just like that, so in the back of my mind, I hope that one day will come. 

Fast forward, in year 2015, yes I know I applied for summer exchange program (I left the choice of country blank in the form) but to actually get it, to go to Taiwan for the first time felt surreal. I immediately contacted Passion once my application was confirmed. She's in Changhua, which isn't too far from my uni in Taiwan, Asia University. I stayed over at her place twice, once over my 1st weekend in Taiwan, followed her to church cell group, and another time before I go back to Malaysia. I'm glad to spend short yet precious time with her, reminiscing, catching up and counting God's blessings. 

Exploring Changhua county on her scooter :)