Sunday, 27 January 2008

CU 1st activity of DA Year!!!

Well... I didnt took ANY pics from morning session CU (aka Christian Union) so I'll start from afternoon session's activity.
It was Last Week and SuMei(afternoon session's vicepresident) ask me to come for their meeting on Sat and I was like OK why not.... THEN on Fri SuMei said it's cancel so I dont need to prepare anything. Well... ok
Then when my sis came back from school, she was like "IT'S ON!"...ok I was quite tired and sick...Sarah said most form1 didnt know bout Sat activity cuz the announcement was only made during the last period... and dat mean we got to start working now and NOW!
1st, musicians... Grace aka PnW coordinator beg me to help her get some morning session seniors to play. What to do... Im vice mah... Smsed, on9 and on phone at the same time. Finally got Turkey and Gary on guitar, Cheryl on piano
2nd, make sure we got keys to open up CU room. Called SuMei to confirm with Hui Ling whether PN Goh will be early with the keys...
3rd, Games.... Yi yan in-charge
4th food! No food, save cost... hehe

5th form 1... Hui ling to inform
Woke up early to school and this wat happen in class 2D(yeah! my ex-class!)

Leonard (on guitar) and Grace(the worship leader)

In case u are wondering.... Tis is Turkey aka terwei....

Gary!!! U are suppose to welcome ppl, Not scare them off!

Games!!! Pass the yellow thingy...

The punishment... Yi yan doing head, shoulders, knees and toes!

Quick!!! Get her!!!


Me n Grace... juz doing old stuff... SS-ing!!


I got to admit that it was tiring handling so many stuff but was fun... All glory to God!!!