Sunday, 24 February 2008


It's so near!!! so i got to study, study, STUDY!

Might not update this blog to often.... sorry....

looking forward to life after exams....

Check this video out... so nice... ^^

Saturday, 16 February 2008

14th Feb

14th Feb...
what cross your mind? Valentines day???

lolz... I celebrated Best Friends day... The 1st thing in the morning, I went and gave choc to my dear friends. And of course in class, I, Munyan, Vivian, SiewChee and more ate chocs... HERSHEY'S, TOBLERONE, BERYL'S and loads more! Guess what? Right after that, we were informed that it's our class turn to go to check our teeth. Imagine.... The nurse checking 4A1 students with choc-smelled mouth!

14th Feb is also Nicola's bday! Happy Birthday Nic! Love your cake... hehe

Monday, 11 February 2008

Sunway Trip

Yesterday after church I went to Sunway with my friends. We had lunch in Ming Tien...Then Ben Oh, my sis and I tumpang Ben See's car.... You seriously GOT TO see him park the car!!! It took him some time to park it properly...

The rest went skating while me and sis walked around because my parents dont allow us to skate... Haiz

Other then that, I took some pics... like I always do...

Wynne, Christine and Willa

It's Ben's 1st time!

SuYin, Christine, Willa, Wynne, Aloi and Ben Oh

It's CNY!!!

Chinese New Year is here!!! As usual, I went bac to my dad's hometown aka Batu Anam ( dont ask me where exactly it is... but I know it's in Johor la)

1st day of CNY was just nothing.... My 3rd uncle and family came. They stay a few houses away..

2nd day was my grandma's bday so loads of relatives came. Guess what? I have a niece my age!!! Didnt manage to take a lot of pics.... But at least I took this

The basketball court right in front of my grandma's house... haiz... didnt get to play basketball this time
I ate alot but I dont think Im fatter... hehe