Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday

It's Good Friday! The day our saviour Jesus Christ died on the cross for ALL (and then resurrected on the third day- Sunday), to save us from eternal destruction, so we may fellowship with God when it's time for us to go.

Well, this is how today went for me:

Find Loon Han and Pn Ng for CD-ROM presentation
Pn Esah(BM teacher) and En Siva(SJ) didnt come...
Sleepy during Add Maths.
Talked to friends! Sharing how I was so stupid to buy another number... Haiz
Learnt bout:
~ gene mutation and chromosome mutations for science. Interesting...
~ Nilai Keadilan for Moral...
After school:
Check out the afternoon session's CU meeting...

Loadz of ppl!

Arent they cute and friendly?

Prayer Time...

Leonard playing the guitar.

Gideon practising 4 worship...

Juniors kept chasing after us during lunchtime because it's the last day to submit signature book. Get to hear them sing. ^^

Then CU activity started at 2.15 at 5A2.
Gideon lead worship
We did Drama... Will upload it soon...
It's basically a drama bout a Bad guy(Gary) wanted to bom the whole building. Then Good guy (gideon) came and say these ppl dont deserve to die and he is willing to sacrifice himself to save all the people there.

The Good guy is like Jesus, God sent Jesus his only Son to save us from our sins... Everythime when I watch the scene where Jesus was being crucifed in THE PASSION OF CHRIST, I will cry thinking bout the Love of God shown on the cross.
May This Good Friday be a special day for you, whether you are a Christian or not. God bless you!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Librarian Camp 2008

Im not complaining here... juz wan to share my opinion. It's my blog anyway =]

Well... I admit that I WAS quite upset
~because I didnt want to be the team leader ( I know how the seniors expect all team leaders to be)
~boon shan said she didnt want to be team leader because she was busy with pencalonan stuff (ok...)
~bs told loon han (da pengerusi) that I will be the team leader. Without my approval,I was MADE TEAM LEADER. It was still ok because bs said she will support me... Well OK... I'll give it a try. Then, I started to prepare stuff for the camp.

Team name: Me and team members is ok with yellow yeah
Free Dance: Nobody wants to give any ideas(hmmph) and allow me to decide on it, so I HAVE TO think of sumthing. When I've chosen Get High by FIR, Someone said it was TOO UNCREATIVE! But most team members were ok with it. (I cant please all but tried to)
Slogan: I didnt want sumthing that goes WIN, WIN, WIN or THE BEST or NO.1. So I made up a slogan that says we will do our best.

Most of my team members were cooperative, except a few... (I cant believe the one who is THE MOST UNCOOPERATIVE is appointed as best boy because the seniors like him!) I dont believe in winning (but not losing badly at the same time), I believe in team work. But my team members seem to be the opposite. So I tried my best not to let them down by doing better than my best. It was a lot of stress and discouraging from different people. Some ppl just looked what's on the outside. I really hope they will be more careful with their words.

But overall I think I was ok. I didnt pressure my team members, I just want them to do their best and show their potential in handling things. At least I didnt gave up on them.

Fri evening, Came back feeling discourage and tired, I slept at 9 and woke up on 11 today.
It was also munyan's bday... Me n kelin gave her a surprise call & bday song. Sori Munyan! We missed ur bday not once but twice! Hope u like the shoes we bought.

Now I see why I enjoy serving (and be bless and encouraged) in CU. I get to be myself because everyone there knows Im special in my every way. (all glory to God) Library is where I learn discipline. (and get criticise?!)

anywayz, I still find fun S.Sing...

So... That's how I look from the back! lolz pic by 'leng zai'

Me & yee wen... Great S.Sers

Yellow Yeah

When JingSeMoTianLun meets HuangYeah...

Me & yan wei

Me & sze yeen


Monday, 10 March 2008

Life after exam

How should I put it... erm... It's holiday but Im still very busy
~preparing 4 librarian camp(THE DANCE!!! how ar?? hopefully it will turn out alright)
~doing slide show!!! ooo no... Im not sure wat and how to do it...
~doing homework! tons n tons of them
~preparing oral test!

Haiz... didnt go anywhere during this holls' (not really cuz im STILL going to school for the camp)and plus my result i think isn't good... (how can chinese be SOOO hard?! dont think i can score...)

But at least I get to have a short movie marathon... watching nodame cantabile special!
This is especially for music and nodame cantabile lovers.
From nodame cantabile, I love the rhapsody in blue and the fart exercise!!! so cute<3(im>.<) pls watch thru the end...

From nodame cantabile special... For the funny part, start watching from 01.30

Lolz... enjoy the fun music!