Friday, 25 April 2008

25th of April 08

Mon: Long perhimpunan. Got Majils Pencapaian Cemerlang. Got book fair in dewan.
Tues: Jinslin cooked the herbal eggs so bought one from her. Nice...^^

Wed: Chinese teacher brought us to the book fair. After school, Bible knowledge class with Pastor Tan Kay Hoe. With me was Grace and Crystal. Was so tired and the moment I came home, flat on the bed. Woke up at 5pm and went for swimming! It's been ages since I ever swam. Dad and bro played squash while I swim alone.

The place

My temporary card

Thurs: For Science, did experiment.

My class ask every single teacher who entered our class to help us. Didnt want to lose to 4A2 (Not kia su la. Sum ppl from my class thinks their cuan4 us wor. So got to do our very best even we know we cant reli win. Lose also cannot lose until so cham)Duty. Stayed bac until 5.30++ to learn the K.K. thingy

Fri: Yilei and Eurick's Sweet 16! It's been 3 weeks and 2day is the LAST DAY for the kitar semula competition.

Brought aluminium cans to skul. Straight after arriving skul, i put the cans i brought to the huge pile of old newspaper, card boards, and all stuff that can be recycle. Den, went 3 storeys down to help the others who brought old newspaper but unable to carry up. (FYI: My class 4A1 consists of 44 ppl: 38 girls and 6 guys so most of the carrying work is done by us. Go girls! We Rock!)

From 6.45 til 7.30 I and the girls went up and down. (from pondok to 4A1) The newspapar was SO HEAVY! I think I went up and down the 3 storeys more than 6 times! The girls were as exhausted as I were.

2nd period: 2nd class of BM. A member of kelab pengguna made the announcement for all pupils to bring the stuff for recycle to pusat activity. So off we go... everyone helped to take this pile.

Look! There's more over there!

Lolz. taken by Qii. My phone de camare cacated.

Me n Pei Ling wif the "frame"
It took us a long time to move everything down. After all the "moving of the stuff", we took MORE pics!

Me and my classmates


After all that, we went up and LET THE PARTY BEGIN!
4A1 cake from Secret Receipe

Preparing the cake

We sang "Happy Birthday" and cheered "4A1 GO! GO! GO!" We considered April 25th as 4A1's bday cuz it's a special event for ALL of us. Not bcuz we brought alot of recycle stuff, thinking we will win, BUT it's the day where ALL 4A1s worked together as a HUGE FAMILY for this competition. Isn't this day such a memorable day?
Took loads of pics again!!! 4A1s are BIG TIME S.SERS! >.<

Jia chean and Yan Jun(class monitor)
Cant upload the video cuz too big la... >.<
Birthday coming up....
Bought a swimming cap n a pair of goggles for him. Knowing he wont use it(cuz swimmers got special wans to use), we wrote this on the cap

Signing off,

Friday, 18 April 2008

CU bday party

CU activity as usual but there's something special. We celebrated the birthday of all members who was born on Jan til April. It's suppose to be a secret but somebody leak it out. Lolz... anyway, this is how it goes....

PnW by Gary

Offering then introducing our 1st time visitor.... Jia yee

Den I lead the activity.(and take pics at the same time! Imagine dat!) It's my FIRST TIME doing most of it. (onli did worship and devotion sharings a few times before) Nervous.... Very... but heng yee was there to help. Thanks alot President! =]

Wat was I doing??? dont remember...

Started off with games. Played the "grouping" game. All of them are to group themselves according to what I say like "group yourselves according to the number of ur family members, whether it's odd or even number."
At last I ask them to group themselves according to their birth months.
Try guessing their birth months through their posses.
GuanLin, Kelin and Leon(behind)


Zheng Yang

Joe Vern and EnYew

Ying Khian
Cornelius and Heng Yee


Ter Wei
Then from there, I ask all the Jan til April babies to come forward. They were En Tze, En Yew, Joe Vern and Zheng Yang. (we're missing some ppl like Shi Yang n Eurick) Then we ask all of them to write B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y with their butts!

LOL. Gid n Gary (the GLS') played the guitars as we sang bday song for each of the bday babies.
Their cake was a doubled-layer blueberry and black forest cake! Wow.

The candles were all blown by En yew at one shot. (4 of them are suppose to blow the candles at the count of 3... En yew cant count properly so forgive him... haha)

Just when they are about to cut the cake, Mr Khoo Eurick came in from the back door. He got sum pengawas stuff to do so came in late. Sang the bday song again. (His bday is exactly next fri, so do we need to sing again? lolz) Each of the bday babies were given a party hat to wear. So cute la...

Eurick( he looks like pooh rite? Leonard n wynne so totally agree!^^)

Enyew smiling brightly

Altogether everything went smoothly. We had a lot of wacky harmless fun. Wait til camp, we'll have MORE OF IT! CU is a place to fellowship, share the Goodnews, have fun and most importantly in everything we do, we want to glorify God's name!

Coming soon.... CU CAMP!



Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Mum's bday 2008

Sunday was mum's bday. Guess wat? My family members (dad, mum, me, sis and bro) is born on the same day (not DATE kay?) Tis year, everyones' bday is on Sunday! Went to church very early for piano practise. Went to Cinnamon @ onehotel to celebrate mum's bday. Take a look...

The place.... Cinnamon

The atmosphere


My mum, bro and dad

Meet The S.Ser n sis

Lolz.... Tis oso wan to take
The service was good... The manager notice us praying b4 having our dinner! The manager ask whether I took pics 4 skul project. Lolz. I told him I took 4 fun onli. Paise la... A waiter help Daniel to take a bowl of soup to his place and Daniel's meal is FOC cuz the manager say he onli saw Daniel eat ice-creams and ice kacang! Lolz
Love the food
Love the place
Love taking pics
Love cuz it's my mum's bday!

Much much love

Friday, 11 April 2008

My week

Was busy again tis whole week... These are sum stuff dat happened...

Monday: Got perhimpunan. Mun yan was LATE! ( juz came wen we sing the national anthem) kesian her. Have to stand during assembly.

Tuesday: Yee Sheng took my text books!!! He was rushing 4 his bus when I was packing my bag. His text book was beside mine and he took the WRONG PILE! Was in a shock. My book is tied wif a blue band while he had a yellow band on.... and plus I brought more text book than his. So how can he take the wrong pile??? Night time he called and was like:"Is my books wif ya?" I went:"I'm the wan hu is suppose to ask u where is my books!" LOL

Wednesday: Got back my books... Rushed to do my Add Maths... ( My exercise book n text book was wif yee sheng) Mun yan didnt come... Miss her la...

Thursday: Juniors wrap book exam! (I think it's wat they call it) Although sum juniors didnt finish wrapping it within 45 mins Im still proud them. (including my junior) =)

Fri: Was quite free until take stupid pics wif frens. Haha. Onli tis wan is not-so-silly.
The thing on my head is made by the girls... LOL

Bible quiz! Didnt really do well in the fill in the blanks part. Objektif was quite easy.

Coming up on...

Sat: Going to popular to get sum reference book. I wan to go to da planet shakers thing!!!! But cannot la... Sunday have to go church really early.

Sun: Mum's bday!!!! Going to one hotel 4 dinner. Never been there but hope the food will be nice. >.<

Signing off.... peace^^


Sunday, 6 April 2008


It was a hectic week 4 me... So many things to settle.... My Oral Test!!! Ooo no... Suppose to go bowling wif family on Sat but too many ppl in KP... Haiz... So didnt go...

Finally after church, dad was like: "Let's go the curve! Kim wans to go to da street market." was overjoyed cuz i NEVER been to pasar malam or flea markets other than Jongker street. (No kidding. I noe i was a lil xiao4. Lolz =]) Dat's one thing I love bout my dad. He's not a shopper u noe.

After lunch, I n sis went 2 the street market while my dad, mum n bro went to borders. Wasnt dat hot... Grab a smoothie and started SHOPPING!
These are some of stuffs we bought...^^

Cant wait for the next shopping trip! Lolz... seldom go shopping leh....
Gonna sign off....