Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Mum's bday 2008

Sunday was mum's bday. Guess wat? My family members (dad, mum, me, sis and bro) is born on the same day (not DATE kay?) Tis year, everyones' bday is on Sunday! Went to church very early for piano practise. Went to Cinnamon @ onehotel to celebrate mum's bday. Take a look...

The place.... Cinnamon

The atmosphere


My mum, bro and dad

Meet The S.Ser n sis

Lolz.... Tis oso wan to take
The service was good... The manager notice us praying b4 having our dinner! The manager ask whether I took pics 4 skul project. Lolz. I told him I took 4 fun onli. Paise la... A waiter help Daniel to take a bowl of soup to his place and Daniel's meal is FOC cuz the manager say he onli saw Daniel eat ice-creams and ice kacang! Lolz
Love the food
Love the place
Love taking pics
Love cuz it's my mum's bday!

Much much love