Friday, 11 April 2008

My week

Was busy again tis whole week... These are sum stuff dat happened...

Monday: Got perhimpunan. Mun yan was LATE! ( juz came wen we sing the national anthem) kesian her. Have to stand during assembly.

Tuesday: Yee Sheng took my text books!!! He was rushing 4 his bus when I was packing my bag. His text book was beside mine and he took the WRONG PILE! Was in a shock. My book is tied wif a blue band while he had a yellow band on.... and plus I brought more text book than his. So how can he take the wrong pile??? Night time he called and was like:"Is my books wif ya?" I went:"I'm the wan hu is suppose to ask u where is my books!" LOL

Wednesday: Got back my books... Rushed to do my Add Maths... ( My exercise book n text book was wif yee sheng) Mun yan didnt come... Miss her la...

Thursday: Juniors wrap book exam! (I think it's wat they call it) Although sum juniors didnt finish wrapping it within 45 mins Im still proud them. (including my junior) =)

Fri: Was quite free until take stupid pics wif frens. Haha. Onli tis wan is not-so-silly.
The thing on my head is made by the girls... LOL

Bible quiz! Didnt really do well in the fill in the blanks part. Objektif was quite easy.

Coming up on...

Sat: Going to popular to get sum reference book. I wan to go to da planet shakers thing!!!! But cannot la... Sunday have to go church really early.

Sun: Mum's bday!!!! Going to one hotel 4 dinner. Never been there but hope the food will be nice. >.<

Signing off.... peace^^