Saturday, 31 May 2008

Librarian trip to penang

26th May, 08
Woke up at 6. Quickly finish my packing. Eileen's dad gave me a lift to school. Reach school around 7. Bus was late. I sat with Kelin. Everybody got a lil bored in the bus. So some ppl was asked to sing karaoke.
Loon Han & Shu Hau
After that, watch part of "Night at the museum" then changed to "Blades of Glory". Watched it b4 with Yan Wei n Hui Ying. It was just as funny as we first watch it.

Sum ppl played truth or dare. Weiyan had his hair tied up. lol!

We stopped (I have no idea where) 4 lunch. Had chicken rice. Instead of using the Penang bridge, we cross over with ferry.

The scenary was SO NICE! Feel like jumping in 4 a swim. =] Enjoyed the wind.

Yi Lei, Jinslin, Yanwei and Yeewen. All my roomates!

SS partners!

As we looked down, we spotted some jellyfish! It was huge. We checked in at Sri Sayang apartment. (trust me, if you are not short of money, u dun wan to stay there >.<) 10 girls in an 2 room and 2bathrrom apartment! Rest a while den walked 4 bout 3 mins to Rasa Sayang's beach 4 BBQ. (see? Sri Sayang dun even have their own beach!)

The guys started the fire.

I did the usual thing... photo taking! ^^ But didn't take any when BBQ started cuz busy eating. LOL!

Weiyan played his RM1K++ guitar to entertain us. It was tiring clearing up the stuffs. (Promised Ketua Lawatan aka Tien Zhi to help clearing the stuff. Plus I dun wan to be racing 4 bathrooms to shower! lol) It was close to midnight. Everyone came to my apartment and sang bday song 4 my dear fren Yeewen.
She had to drink her "bday milo" with baby bottle! She was so sporting. You rock girl!

After everyone went back to their rooms (except TienZhi and WeiYan). We secretly made two bottles of milo and asked them to drink! They say it was nice to drink!

Me, Tien Zhi and Wei yan had a Twister challenge. No loser cuz they couldnt tahan it so they stop b4 they fall.

We all oso played杀手 b4 everyone go to bed. TienZhi actually "murdered" Yeewen! He is oso known as the "selfish doctor"! lolz ( I noe u wonder y i mention TienZhi a few times here... cuz he's the ketua lawatan so everyone 针对 him)

27th May, 08
I slept in Yeewen, Yilei, Jinslin and Yanwei's room. Then came out to sleep on the sofa cuz the sleeping bag was uncomfortable. Sumbody woke me up then I went to another room to sleep. Then woke up again and ended up on the sofa. Lol! Ahli Lawatan woke up at 5 to make breakfast. Tuna sandwish n mushroom soup.
After breakfast, we went to Penang Chinese Girl School to visit their library. They got second place 4 national library competition. Their school's facilities are so good.

We met a librarian there who looks like my KetuaKumpulan!

Kwang Hua and Penang Chinese Girl School

Had lunch at a hawker stall opposite the school. I didint ate dat... It's my fren de kuay teow. Lol

Went to Kek Lok Si. We spotted a moniter lizard!

Made this at the 米之艺 stall. Took pics of the handphone accessory while waiting 4 the rest to have theirs done.It took me n Yeewen some time to take these pics... (She help me hold it) Onli manage to take mine and kaikor's.

went up to see the tortoise. Take a listen to our conversation. U will sure laugh. =]

B4 going bac to the bus, kaikor belanja us Muachee.

We headed to Taman Botanic. A couple was taking their wedding pics there.

Some ants bit Tongtong's (teacher's daughter) foot. Tz help her to wear bac her shoe, Like Cinderella leh...

There was a stream there. The guys were trying to catch lil fish there.

These pics were taken in Taman Botanic...

F4 Girls
Took pics with Tongtong. So cute! She looked nice with my necklace. Lol!

Went to Gurney Drive 4 dinner.

Walked to Gurney Plaza. Was planning sumthing 4 Yeewen(agaain! I noe. But was fun!)
Although we r 16 (or going), we STILL play this lol! Was again FUN! (But I knock my head.... too tall...)

Kaikor belanja(again!) icecream. Royce belanja starbucks.(everybody shared one k?)
B4 going bac to apartment, went to Bukit Feringgi Bazaar. Lit these candle up 4 yeewen when we came bac. Nice~

Slept on the sofa wif Eileen. (Actually she sleep wif Kelin, Fiona, Xue Yu & Lijing, Eileen went to bed later so the bed was fully occupied. Lol!)

28th May
Checked out at 7am. went to Bukit bendera. The scenery was amazing! The air was so fresh! Took pics again. Lolz!


Ahli Lawatan

Guardian angel & ward (eileen n weiyan)
Me & Yanwei

Took breakfast at 11. More like lunch aldi. Den lunch at 2. Still very full. My table couldnt finish up so we played this funny game. We spinned the "spinning thing" (dunno wats it called >.< ) on the table. If the spoon points at you, you have to eat a scoop of food there. We spinned until the plates flew off. Yikes!

Went to Labu Sayong place (I wont call it a factory, just a place they make Labu Sayong) A man showed us how they make it step-by-step.

We spotted a lamb!

The SSers again!

Next, we stopped at Kuala Kangsar. Didn't get to visit the palace gallery 'cuz it was raining. These are some scenary there.

On the bus, we got so bored that we started to SS again! Tien Zhi's ipod was set to full volume and the earphones were placed near the microphone.We sang songs like 我可以, 晴天 and HSM songs. LOL! Reached school around 8.15pm. After shower den I slept. Sleep until 11am the next day. (wanted to sleep longer but got piano class leh...) thanks to all ahli lawatan and Ketua Lawatan Tien Zhi (stop telling and asking me whether u r 差 k!) U all did a great job!