Friday, 27 June 2008


Brought cam to school today to take moral folio pics... Then hand itchy so took these all well >.<

Maths class

Eh? hu's that?

Oi... people eating also want to take pic ar?

Dont wan la... Tired leh...

Munyan FINALLY decided to camwhore with the SS queen! lolz! Know her so long dy never SS like this leh...

Pre-rally is tonight! Will be a lil late cuz sis afternoon session.


Thursday, 26 June 2008

Thursday 庆功会

Happy sweet 16th bday, Fiona!^^ (didnt eat her cake la XD)

Before going to the Real topic (lolz!), here's some pics I took today.

Yong Siang aka ah bu sitting on munyan's place when she got Tugas Rasmi

Me & Munyan's hand!

That's Munyan!

Cai Mei's lisan was a two-tumbs up!

Today is the LAST day all F5 seniors duty with the juniors. It's a custom (or almost) to have 庆功会. I make sure the pizza man was heading the right school (he went to kwang hua private!), Chun Woei & ShiYan carried the pizzas, Tien Zhi & Royce took down the drinks while the rest tried to keep seniors entertained. Once everything is set, I texted SzeYeen to tell them it's ready.
LayTin(exKetuaKumpulan) stand up to give a "speech". Then we started eating!


WenYing(the *new* KetuaKumpulan) & YanWei

Tazki & Yanwei

We played some games to keep ourselves entertained.
No need to turn on your speakers also can understand what is happening! Haha...

Sze yeen suppose to "ambush" kevin and tighten his tie!

there's more but dont want to put all. (They will kill me de... T.T)

After tidying up, went back to library to help prepare things for Bulan Pusat Sumber.
Eileen so serious leh...

Kai kor and team made this treasure box (doesnt look like 1 huh?)

At the end of duty, we had photo session (sorry, I dont have the group pic) and all seniors threw their ties up in the air.

Shi yan suppose to say the "touching" speech he prepared but he shy la... nobody cried. (it's quite abnormal because seniors & juniors from other day cried. Oh well...)

Friday, 20 June 2008


It's the 10th anniversary!!! It's gonna be big! Check it out...

Promo Video

Fliers are out too. Grab one ya. =]

What? Inter school Rally!

When? 12th July 2008 6 pm

Where? Kompleks Sukan Pandamaran

Who? ALL are welcome

Come! You don't want to miss this! Invite ur friends ya. =]

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Cu Camp 08

5th June 08
Touching Hearts.... Our theme of the year!
Went to Klang Presbyterian Church early. (which is around 15mins from home) Checked-in then carried all my stuff (luggage, sleeping bag, pillow) up. Ke lin asked me to type 2 of Sumei's song list because Kelin can't find 2 songs Sumei wanted. Quickly get the laptop and type super fast. Praise + Worship is just after registration. Thank God it was quick. All committee prayed together before the camp was officially started.

Theme Message was by Rev Yu.

After the talk, we had group discussion. We discussed about what are our plans from now until the day we go back to heaven. It was so funny the way some people mention how many kids they want and some personal stuff.

Our lunch was Fab! So much food to eat!

Kelly was trying to do something... Burp?!?!

Praise + Worship session was by Kelin and team.

After PnW, It's time to show our team name and cheer! In the afernoon, we had character building by Mrs Leow. The topic was "Life that wins the gold medal"
It was interesting as Mrs Leow questioned us whether our names are in the Book of Life. Many people had different respond. I had a quick tea time then off to set up the place for outdoor games! Took pics and managed my station as well. Take a look at all the games we played. My voice was slightly gone.

Rik Tzen & Gid

It was drizzling during outdoor games and Gideon sang "Rain down on me!"

During the evening, 林爱玲导师 talked about 读书与时间管理 (Study and Time management)

We were given papers to write down what activities we do waste time and how to save time. When we had group sharing, we came up with this:
How to save time:
-Dont fold your blanket. (Next night still need to use it!)
-Sing, Listen music and practise yoga during shower. (Don't have to spent extra time listening to music. Practising yoga in shower is good cuz environment is good. The shower like waterfall, nobody disturbs and if you sweat, the shower wash it off) LOL!
-Have meals while watching telly (saves time but not good for digestion)

We had this for supper...

The girls chat before we sleep. I slept around 3... Can't sleep la

6th June 08
Woke up around 8. My voice was as "sexy" as yesterday. Grace, Kelly and Sumei wanted me to sing some songs with my sexy voice. LOL! After breakfast, we had devotion. Rev Yu continue the Theme Message.

After that, we had photo taking session. Introducing the 6 groups....
The invisible hulks! (I can see ya!)

I forgot this groups name! Lol. shall call it cutie group... Aren't they so cute?

Barney and friends! Wonder who's Barney? Zhong Yang is!

Red Hot Psss!

Popiah! (Me and Kelly was thinking of food, so came up with this. >.<


Had lunch, pack up den was PnW by YiYan. They didnt prepare chords for Light of the world and Yiyan was panicking. Well, the end of the story is Chi En played the Chinese song while I quickly come up with the chords for Light of the world. Praise God I get the chords right! Everyone was so nervous but everything came out right. =] Then it was talent time.

Turn on your speakers before watching the videos k?

Kelly's Joke. It started like this: Char siu pau and mantau went for a movie. Man tau just sit there while Char siu pau (2 b continue... watch the video pls)
Cheryl on piano
Ever seen turkey play piano? Watch! (Took this video cuz ppl infront cant see terwei's facial expression!)
Drama. Everyone laugh cuz they went "go there a bit, the audience cant see!"

We had Thanksgiving and sharing. Then Birthday celebration. Who's bday? Everyones!
The Food

Other pics
WHAT IF CLAN!!! Always feel proud wearing that shirt! =]

Dao yi & Shinh Nian

Elijah (the clown?!)

Yee Wen, Dao yi & Me
Me, Dao yi & Cheryl have the SAME phone!

Me & Cheryl (we met through last year's CU Camp! =])
Me & Xiao En

Me & Dao yi
Me & muimui Chi En ^^
Me & Zhong Yang (make him wash plates!) >.<
Learnt a lot through this camp. Get to know new ppl and my frens better. (realize most of us share the SAME taste of music!) As Pn Cheah say, we'll see each others TRUE COLOUR! Haha. Although had sore throat, I still enjoyed the camp. Thank God I was in-charge of photo taking and not PnW! (if I did, got to find some one to replace me) I see that everyone in CU are caring. They asked and smsed "how's ur sexy throat? Better?" We washed each other used plates and share things. Praise the Lord that evrything went smoothly!
Btw, i'm known as Miss Vice President/sexy voice/camaregirl! Lol (Shhh)
For more pics, pls visit my facebook =]