Sunday, 1 June 2008

1st of June

Happy Sweet 16th, Jia Chean!!!

Went to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull with mum n sis after church.

Its kinda nice... Except for the alien part. Lol (I wanted to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. But no choice. Mum bought the tickets.)

Saw weiyan, then shuyin in JJ. B4 going home, saw siewchee coming down the escalator. Didnt say hi to schee cuz too far away.

Every 1st day of the month, MacDonald's cone sundae cost 50 sen for the normal wan and RM1 for the top choc!

But I didnt buy cuz my mum bought Starbucks. Lol tried the newest flavour. frappuccino caramel... with added chocolate chip. (Actually wanted to order frappuccino chocolate chip cream but sis wanted it so badly. The coffee brewer was so kind to ask me whether I wan added chocolate chips so I take lo. Lol!)

For dinner, went to Old Town White Coffee. Ate their famous Chicken Horfun. It's not bad.

Closer View =]

Sorry ppl... As what L commented in my chatbox, Im crazy 4 food and drinks! Haha. (Didnt gain any weight after eating so many delicious food in Penang. =])

Lol! didnt bring my cam so didnt take any pics... (my phone's cam takes blur pics and i think I lost my phone USB cable! ooo no...)

Till next time