Sunday, 27 July 2008

Was chatting with wei yan yesterday. Took this pic... LOL!

Went to sunway pyramid after church. So hard to find parking cuz NTV7 had their roadshow in orange atrium.

Check it out... LOL! I just take some pics n video's. Didnt see much of it

Deal or no deal's host

Went to J CO Donuts & Coffee!!! Wanted to buy donuts last time in Pavilion but the queue is too long so didnt buy!!! >< This time, it's shorter... but it still is LONG huh?


After queuing for 15 mins or so... FINALLY...


Love this... Yummy filling inside!

Their website is so cute! JCODonuts
You know I L-O-V-E FOOD! =p

Friday, 25 July 2008

CU gotong-royong & Rehearsal

Finally.... Exams are OVER!!! Some papers came back. Overall I think it's ok but still got to work on some subjects la. ><

2day CU's activity...


All who came were the commitees. CU members leh? Don't like cleaning up ar? Lol!

We arranged the books

Found this book!

Wiped the windows and the floor (ekk!!! so dirty!)

Wipe you! XD

Taa-Da! Clean & Tidy!

Four of us were waiting to go home. Nothing to do so Camwhore!!!


Take 1

Take 2



After that, went for librarian rehearsal (wont tell much bout this so wait for my next blog post ya?)

Preview of what's gonna happen on Monday's assembly...

Camwhore again!
Me & Yan Wei

Me & Wei Yan a year ago when we are juniors

and now we are seniors! See the difference?

Me & Sze Yeen

Take two

Me & Yeewen

Saturday, 19 July 2008

I wanted to chop my hair for quite a while but didn't have the time. Guess what?!

I finally did it today!



Eh? Why no pics de??? You'll see me soon somehow =)
Exams is next week!!! (what am I doing here??? Blogging and not studying?!

Sunday, 13 July 2008


The rally was a BLAST!!!!
The place

A closer view of rally's banner

Was ushering... Presenting... The usher tag!

and ribbon... (Terwei said it looks like breast cancer awareness de ribbon!!!-.-)

Some pics of ppl who were there...(taken before rally)

Me and YiYan


Gid & RikTzen

The stage!!!

The boys

and the girls

Kwang Hua~!

Sorry ppl, didn't realize this post was stuck in my drafts until the next year =.= Forgot what to blog about dy. blame me for the blur pics cuz I'm not good at taking pics lol. Bad lighting btw.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Rally today!!!

Hey peeps... YOU SO TOTALLY DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS BIG EVENT!!! ( I know... I've been posting bout it in my earlier post)


Cool huh? See you there! =)