Monday, 7 July 2008

6th of July 08

Was on duty for Children's Church
Introducing... Children from Joshua Group

Yein Yee

Xiang Yau

Xiang Yee

That's Joshua!

Me and Xiang Ying (she's so shy la...)

After church, korkor oon ee was playing with da fake moustache!

Oon ee and christine

After having lunch in ming tien, went to watch orchestra at 3pm!!! (was wanting to watch the youth orchestra they had last year but dad not free)

It's by MPO Chamber Players. The pieces are
JS BACH Trio Sonata in D minor, BWV 1036
PROKOFIEV Sonata for Two Violins, Op.56
BEETHOVEN String Quartet No. 13 in B flat, Op.130
Dress code: casual smart

The ticket!

The place

Sorry folks, no camera allowed inside the auditorium so no pics by yours truely. XD

Enjoyed the music. The musicians played really well. I wanna go again!!! =)

Then, straight away went to Boey's residence for durian party!

Camwhore! Sarah, Angelyn and me

Me, Angelyn, Ethan and Sarah
Angelyn, Ethan, Lauren and Sarah taken by *a-hem* me la. XD

Uncle Boey and uncle Keat was late. (they went to melaka to pick the durians from uncle roberts ochard!!!) So watched the telly. >.<
In Hannah's room. She painted this!!! So pretty!
When they are back, the guys started to open up da DURIANS! XD
They brought rambutans too.
Alvin loves durians! (Just like I do... but I dont eat that MUCH!)
Was a tiring day... church to orchestra to durian party. Reach home at 11. hey, but it was fun!
ps: Ben ask why me and sis are posting the same thing. Me the one who take the pics so I "berhak" post it. Sis post the same thing also nevermind. Different ppl has different point of views. hehe
Ciao~ =)