Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Notice my blog link at the bottom right of some pics in my blog? =) just added it... well... I can't edit all the pics from my old posts. But I will from now on. It's my erm... Symbol?! XD

Ooo well... I played terribly for my practical exam. Got nervous when I played one of my scales wrongly! >< Life still goes on anyway =)

Year end exams coming up!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Pics of the week...

Scary.... ><

After theory exam on monday, practical exam next monday afternoon pulak!!!! Skipping school... XD

No longer under Teacher Vivian dy T.T. Teacher Sophie is moving so it's hard for her to go Teacher Vivian's place. Teacher Sophie coming to my house for classes and Im stuck with her. It won't be like last time... Having 2 teachers for piano classes is so cool! XD So totally miss Teacher Vivian.... She's been teaching me for so long.... Anyway, going to visit her soon =)


I didnt ate just that lil la... Just took some out 4 the shoot. Siao?! XD

Bro's *new* toy... Gameboy Micro ><

I chose the colour! So proud XD

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Silver medal for Malaysia!!!

Watched the "battle" between LinDan and LeeChong Wei on Sunday Night. Kinda sacrifice my time for theory revision to watch this XD. No lar... prepared for exam on Monday dy. Although Chong Wei didnt won men's badminton single, but we Malaysians are STILL VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! That includes me (yea... me Malaysian mah... XD)

Smile a bit lar =)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Paradise Concert!

After librarian Mp and piano extra class, went for Paradise Worship at night.

Presenting... Paradise Band from Adelaide, Australia

Videos anyone? XD

Got more videos but it takes time to upload so decided to put some only. Didn't jump much. Leg aching... >< The sermon was great. I didn't get a copy of their album. Went straight home after that. Tired mah... Whole day out of home leh ><

Librarian MP 2008

It's Saturday!!! Still have to go school... ><

Arrival of seniors... Trying to get them up to the hall

Mean while... SS-ing

Me and Yan Wei

Hui Ying and Yan Wei

Jinslin and Yeewen


Finally we got all the seniors up and got them to sign the board as well.

Then, they enter the hall through our bridge.

The crowd

Shi Yan and Chia Voon, my dear Emcees!!!
You both did greatl!!! Guess what? I only did serious training with them on the day before MP!!! They pose well for my cam huh? XD

Started off with speeches

First performance... Mambo No.5.
Spot me... XD


A guy from our group didnt turn up!!! >< But really thank God Wen Ying was there to take the guys place! You should see her... She's a great dancer!!! Over all the dance went ok... except that somebody *ahem!* was busy with something else in his mind.

Drama... no idea what's happening... was
at backstage preparing for fashion show

Ballroom dance... featuring our very own 五大天王
(frm left: TienZhi, Royce, WeiYan, ChunWoei and SehHui)
so 帅 huh?XD

Eileen and Wei yan...
Angel and ward
(To wei yan: See? Most of the pics taken by the "photographer" you appointed was blur except some pics like this... cuz I took this de mah XD If Eileen is out of this pic, I sure take blurblur 4 you de. Evil huh?! Muahahahaz XD)

Ballroom dance group

Oh great... I didnt eat summore need to clean the mess?! ><

Ps: Most of the pics (blurred wans) was taken by somebody else. The good wans was taken by me on other ppl's camera XD. My cam's memory was full and was so busy until didnt take much >< (is that a good thing or not? XD)

More pics and stuff coming up soon (got to gather all the pics I took frm other ppl's cam ><)

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Paradise Worship Live!!!

Paradise Worship Live!!!

Sungai-way Subang Methodist Church (My church!!!)

16 August 2008 7:30 PM (Busy day for me... having librarian Majlis perpisahan aka farewell)

Come and Invite your frens lo... =)

Family Camp 08

1st-3rd August

The place!!! Grand Kampar Hotel, Kampar. Mum's hometown!

Me and my family went there after I came back from CU MP. Haven't pack so was rushing. XD

Supper at mamak!

Had durian with the Gohs during our free time

Oooo wel... I fell sick during camp. (Fever, sore throat, flu... !!! ><) Cant go out for telematch so rest in room lo.

The room

Rest... I didnt say sleep rite? XD from my window can see the telematch field so pushed my bed near the window. (Thanks to the wheel thingy attached under the bed!)

Camwhore pulak!

Went down somehow! XD

Red team!!!

John was boasting bout his table tennis skills so decided to play ping-pong at rooftop. There's 2 ping-pong tables. Quite near the swimming pool. Long time didnt play dy. Used to represent school to play since.... PRIMARY SCHOOL!?!? Those were the young days... (as if i'm old now XD) John was "defeated"! XD

The swimming pool looked so tempting huh?

After table tennis match, quickly went with Angelyn to change for swim!!! (Sick samo wan2 swim. Siao dy. XD)

John and Dagan. (I didnt took tis pic though... I was swimming... remember? Tis pic was i my cam. lol!)

At the end of the camp, everybody was tired... Except for my camera! LOL! Sarah, Angelyn and me... Spot (part of) me =)

My parents and dad's DG members were joking about sending all their children(which includes me! ><) to UTAR here in Kampar, get a banglo to fit every single 1 of us. They summo say Dad and Uncle Andrew can transfer to UTAR to continue their lecture career, my mum can transfer to the Maybank here(which is just opposite the hotel!) and so on... Adults are like kids sometimes. =)

Anyway, we did drive around UTAR.

Mum bought egg tarts before we went home.

The sermon by Pastor David Wong was good (although I was sick and skipped 1 of his session ><). The main point is to finish our race well =) Of course, I surely need God's strength to persevere.

Monday, 4 August 2008

CU farewell 08

Continuation from previous post:
Was officially promoted on Monday assembly!!! It was a long story on how I got this post... somehow. =)

Thursday: Baskin day!!! Ate with thursday librarians. Lol!
Fri:The time where all seniors look forward to....
First, place being set up

Worship practise

Yee Wen doing a great job writing the lyrics on the white board! You go girl! =)

While waiting for MP to start, I took this pic. Cally has been wanting her pic to be on our CU blog and it's finally done!

Gideon recite a poem written by Leon... 

not the wisest but wise enough,
unfailingly still though times be rough.
as she was that, she ploughed a role,
that guided all and she did as it was so.
all vows a numbered time and yours is now
but kindle in knowing our misses and bows
of your doings so deep etched--
in within our mind, a familiar patch.

this day is yours and yours alone,
will as you wish as in your home,
as this is once and shall always be,
what of today, together we see!

explanation by Leon:
the first stanza tells about the imperfection of the seniors (no offense!) but still they were strong enough to bring us through the hard times.
as she (cally) was strong as mentioned earlier, she was given a role (president, ahem..ex-) and she carried out her responsibility with 2 reasons, 1 for the title and another reasons was because she wanted to (I mean serving the Lord n not for the personal gain or so so)

the second stanza tells that her time n the seniors is now over but do remember our misses and bows, which means that we do respect you and appreciate your doings. Your doings had left an enormous impact on us that it is hard to forget. Basically, this stanza tells about our appreciation.

the third stanza tells cally and the other seniors that this day (MP) is yours and you should enjoy as you wish and do things as you wish. The second line is suppose to indicate them that we allow them to cry in front of us. Why? cause mp oni once mar...

lastly, Łŋ apologizes for anything offending.
dah bis, serkarang nak cabut baca buku ><
lucks to all exam-takers XD

The crowd

Games by Joyce

Kelin reading Guan Lin's letter to CU

Sharing Time

Kelin: 有拍到我吗? XD

Gideon!!! Our ex-cu blog boss. He was so close to cry but went home pulak.
 Gary... our *new* PnW coordinator

Cally!!! Our beloved ex-Pres


Ter wei

ChiChung and Shao Wei

Pn Cheah

Pn Cheah prayed for F5... and the FOOD!

Yumsheng-ing XD

Den makan-ing

Samuel trying to get into the picture!

And he did it!!! XD

Fizzy drinks+Fruits is yummy!

BUT Gary mixed EVRYTHING we brought... Drinks+Nachos+Fruits+Yogurt!!! ><

Yeah! We surely did have a great time together! To all f5.... WE'LL MISS YOU!!! (now cry la... =P)

Phew... Thank God everything went right. There were some last minute stuff ><
How come I'm not in the pic de??? (Obviously busy taking pics la... XD)
Straight after MP, went to Kampar for Family Camp. Posting it soon. =)