Sunday, 10 August 2008

Family Camp 08

1st-3rd August

The place!!! Grand Kampar Hotel, Kampar. Mum's hometown!

Me and my family went there after I came back from CU MP. Haven't pack so was rushing. XD

Supper at mamak!

Had durian with the Gohs during our free time

Oooo wel... I fell sick during camp. (Fever, sore throat, flu... !!! ><) Cant go out for telematch so rest in room lo.

The room

Rest... I didnt say sleep rite? XD from my window can see the telematch field so pushed my bed near the window. (Thanks to the wheel thingy attached under the bed!)

Camwhore pulak!

Went down somehow! XD

Red team!!!

John was boasting bout his table tennis skills so decided to play ping-pong at rooftop. There's 2 ping-pong tables. Quite near the swimming pool. Long time didnt play dy. Used to represent school to play since.... PRIMARY SCHOOL!?!? Those were the young days... (as if i'm old now XD) John was "defeated"! XD

The swimming pool looked so tempting huh?

After table tennis match, quickly went with Angelyn to change for swim!!! (Sick samo wan2 swim. Siao dy. XD)

John and Dagan. (I didnt took tis pic though... I was swimming... remember? Tis pic was i my cam. lol!)

At the end of the camp, everybody was tired... Except for my camera! LOL! Sarah, Angelyn and me... Spot (part of) me =)

My parents and dad's DG members were joking about sending all their children(which includes me! ><) to UTAR here in Kampar, get a banglo to fit every single 1 of us. They summo say Dad and Uncle Andrew can transfer to UTAR to continue their lecture career, my mum can transfer to the Maybank here(which is just opposite the hotel!) and so on... Adults are like kids sometimes. =)

Anyway, we did drive around UTAR.

Mum bought egg tarts before we went home.

The sermon by Pastor David Wong was good (although I was sick and skipped 1 of his session ><). The main point is to finish our race well =) Of course, I surely need God's strength to persevere.