Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lang Lang!!!

Quoted from Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra site:
"Superstar Chinese pianist makes time in his hectic schedule to pay a return visit to DFP. Since shooting into the limelight at the age of 17 when he stood in at short notice for a performance of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 with the Chicago Symphony, he has barely had time to breathe, with sold-out performances around the world and appearances with the finest orchestras and conductors."

Lang Lang was suppose to come to perform in Malaysia on 13th Jan 2009. Now.... IT'S CANCELED!!!

In case you don't know who he is, he was the pianist who played for Beijing Olympics Opening ceremony.

Take a look... One of my fave... there's part 2 XD

Off to Johor tomorrow (=

Friday, 26 September 2008


Just got the timetable today!!! They postponed and moved forward the exams for five times!!!

My class have to use the hall and 4S1's classroom.


Was suppose to stay back to take pics for Ke Lin's petanq club's Majlis Perpisahan. Guess what?! I forgot my cam ><>

Inter-school Rally 2007

Whenever I wear this shirt, I be reminded of bus company band's song... What If. What If was one of the song's we sang during this year's rally-Legacy. Grace... I know you love this song loads =). Sorry ar... Until now I haven't post anything bout the rally. Will post it soon (hopefully).

Check it out... It's on Youtube.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

A "wow" week

KeLin: That day Czen Hao called me...(and so on)

Czen Hao... Hmmm. Okay, I remember. He was Ke Lin's and my kindergarten-cum-primary school fren. Recently, I was texting and msn-ing him. Didn't see him for years. He switched school during primary 4. Well... He STILL remembered a lot of our primary school friends from the pics I post in my blog. But He kinda forgotten who Yue Wan is!!!

Photos from the past...
Presenting... Czen Hao (second row: fourth boy from the right), Ke Lin, me and our class.

Zoom... Spot me and KeLin =P

Recent photo of Czen Hao and family. Oh yea, he send his greetings to all friends from primary school.

Well... I got back my piano practical exam result...

I thought I couldn't make it because I had a lot of slips for my scales and pieces. Not many dared to ask me bout my result after knowing that I didn't really did my best. But, Thank God... It's a miracle! Ngam-ngam merit leh.

After so many years not taking a single tuition at all, I'm finally enrolled for next year's tuition class!

Oh great... Exams postponed... AGAIN!!!!

Afternoon session CU AGM. Went to host the meeting.

Ex-music coordinator at work lol.

Congrats to all 08/09 CU committees! I pray that you all will willingly serve God through KwangHua Christian Union.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sweet 16 Part 1

Last Sunday 7Sep
(MSN chat with Kelin:KL)
KL: Hey buddy! Can you stay back this Fri? Need to do sudut's notice board.

Me: erm... until what time?

KL: 3 liddet.

Me: Erm.. okay.

KL: inform Yeewen also lo.

Me: Kays

Wednesday 10Sep

(after PJ class... conversation between me and ChiChung: CC)

Me: Hi.
CC: Hi.Erm... tell Kelin I can't make it for the party on Fri.
Me: HAR?!!! What party?

CC: You don't know meh?

Me: Dont know wor...

CC: ... Never mind. Just inform her yea.

: (Total blurness)

Recess. ponteng-ed to look4 KeLin, Saw Jia Yee and told her the convo between me & ChiChung. Finally Saw KeLin.
Me: KeLin ar... ChiChung ask me to tell you that he cant make it for dunno wat thingy on Fri. What's it about?
KL: Erm... nothing la. I just asked him whether he's free on Fri.

After school. Stayed back for Bible Knowledge class. Met Kelin when she's walking down the hill.
KL: What did he told you
Me: I dunno... That time blur blur leh...
KL: Fri stay back lo.
Me: You & him... erm ... ><
KL: No la! (then she walked away)

Thursday 11Sep Conversation between Me & Munyan:MY
Me: (told her bout Kelin & ChiChung thingy)
MY: Aiya... maybe He's petanq de senior leh... Kelin want to do MP on fri gua.
Me: maybe lor... but she asked me to stay back to do notice board wor...
MY: Dunno la... you'll know tomorrow.
Me: (still blur) Ok

Fri 12Sep Morning. CU room. Devotion
Me: eh? I think I see someone I know outside there... Wait a min... That looks like fiona's hair!
JiaYee: Yea meh?

Suddenly, so many ppl came in singing Bday song. I have to admit I was touched... A LIL! XD

After Skul
, went to bilik ceramah to take pics for afternoon session. Gid came in and gave me present by him, Esther, and Leon.
Gid: Sorry, I can't stay back for the party.
Me: What party?!
Gid: HUH?! ( looked at Gary and Cally)
Me: (bLURRED ><)

Saw Joyce and Kelly

Me: Hi! What are you guys staying back for?
Joyce: Owh... Got some geography society stuff to do.
Kelly: Yea... See ya!
Me: Bye

Had Lunch with JiaYee, Eileen, EnTze & Kelin. Kelin & EnTze ate so little. Jia Yee was complaining she had too much but she just had a few spoons of rice! =.= After makan, Jia Yee said she had some majalah stuff
to do so she quick went off. Went to sudut celik minda.
Kelin: come on... let's go to the library to get newspaper cuttings
Me: Ok

Went in the library. Was busy texting and suddenly
Kelin say: Ok dy, Sue-Ann found a whole set of newspaper, enough for the board. Let's go down to put it up.
Me: (still busy texting) Okay

Went out of library.
EnTze: Got to go toilet!! (Then she just ran off)
Me(thinking): How come they all so weird wan~

Me, KeLin & Sue-Ann walked down. Below the stairs of CU room. Saw EnTze running down from canteen(I think)
Me: Eh? There got toilet meh? Dont tell me you forgot where the toilet is!
EnTze: Ooo... Saw Eurick. Went to call him.
Me (blink, look at Kelin and thinking): ??!!! See Eurick then no need go toilet liao ar... Okay... things are getting weirder! ><

Drama to be continued~ =P
Just scroll down pls....

Sweet 16 Part 2

Kelin: Eh? How come CU room's door is opened?
(Gary popped out from CUroom)
Gary: Hi people! We're having group study here.
KeLin(looked at me): Let's go kacau them!
Me(thinking): ?!?! board haven't do yet leh.
KeLin & Sue-Ann went up. Then I blurblur follow.
Me(thinking): No shoes outside the room de?

Went in and saw a chocolate cake in front of me. I saw many people in CU room, singing Happy Birthday song!!! Seriously, if you guys sing one or two more times, I'll cry! ><

Some pics from my cam... Please Ignore the date and time of the pics... I set it wrongly!!! More pics and videos from Jia Yee coming up =)

A slice of the cake

JiaYee... See... She's so excited!!!

You'll seldom(or never) see these 3 in CU. Presenting... SehHui, JunLun and Eurick. SehHui and JunLun are not Christians but here they are... in CU room for the celebration! Eurick just came for the cake la... XD


Eyes-closed =.=


Leonard came up during his afternoon recess time

Okay... This is what happened. Ke Lin FORCED me to show everyone the card before I could see it with my own eyes. In the card, there's a pic of my head and my body drawn by Jia Yee!!! ><

The card

Then, I made ALL of them to confess all their LIES.

KeLin wanted me to stay back cuz of this celebration so told A LOT of "lies". Video by JiaYee

JiaYee rushed to for "majalah thingy" to prepare for this(pump balloons and all). EnTze rushed to "toilet" to inform the rest in the room. Joyce and Kelly didnt want me to suspect anything so they use geography society as an excuse... So many "lies" ><. All of them didnt want me to suspect anything so they hid their shoes in CU room!

The party was quite a surprise! Quite cuz Gid and ChiChung kinda leak it out! Well... I had a loads of fun except for the cleaning, staying back til 5.30pm and looking all over the skul for the room keys! ><. It's so sweet of you guys staying back to spend some time with me.

Thank You all my dear Frens!!! You make my bday a memorable one =)

Sweet 16 Part3

I know a lot of you guys shared to get my present (Thank You so much!!!), but some of you didn't get the chance to see the present for yourself. Due to a lot of requests(Okok... I'm posting it now), not to show off (there's nothing to show though), here goes...

From Tien Zhi Kor... ignore the PohKong box pls...

I kinda spoiled it but you can't really tell the difference rite? ;)

I was very surprised to receive this from you guys! Didn't see some of you for a very long time. Miss you guys leh...

From alot of ppl... this card

together with this purple package.

Inside this purple package... don't know what to call it la...It's not a shirt, too short for a dress... so I called it A TOP. (Gideon Lim... You see it now? It's not the whatever you call it thing =.=)

14 Sep
I actually wore the white top on the exact day of my birthday! KeLin texted me and she was extremely happy because the size actually fits!

Camwhoring!!! Me and wynne... Hugs!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Bday celebration in class

Last week....

Wed-PJK Class(oh well, kinda skipped it =P)

My classmates celebrated ppl who's bday falls on August-September. Which includes ME!

Cheeze Choc from Secret Recipe!!!

Make a wish =)

Attack the cake!!!! XD

My bday is still quite far away but anyway Thank you so much 4A1!!! =)

Went back to dad's hometown on Sat. A roof was build for the basketball court just in front of grandma's house!!! =D. great... I didnt bring cam ><.

went to church there.... Trying hard to concentrate but it was freezing cold!!! ><

went home on Monday


In was raining. was stuck in a "stair jam" and caused me to miss my transport home!!! ><) Dad was about to have his lunch when I called him. Anyway, he quickly rushed to pick me. Love you dad!!! =)