Thursday, 4 September 2008

Bday celebration in class

Last week....

Wed-PJK Class(oh well, kinda skipped it =P)

My classmates celebrated ppl who's bday falls on August-September. Which includes ME!

Cheeze Choc from Secret Recipe!!!

Make a wish =)

Attack the cake!!!! XD

My bday is still quite far away but anyway Thank you so much 4A1!!! =)

Went back to dad's hometown on Sat. A roof was build for the basketball court just in front of grandma's house!!! =D. great... I didnt bring cam ><.

went to church there.... Trying hard to concentrate but it was freezing cold!!! ><

went home on Monday


In was raining. was stuck in a "stair jam" and caused me to miss my transport home!!! ><) Dad was about to have his lunch when I called him. Anyway, he quickly rushed to pick me. Love you dad!!! =)