Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sweet 16 Part 2

Kelin: Eh? How come CU room's door is opened?
(Gary popped out from CUroom)
Gary: Hi people! We're having group study here.
KeLin(looked at me): Let's go kacau them!
Me(thinking): ?!?! board haven't do yet leh.
KeLin & Sue-Ann went up. Then I blurblur follow.
Me(thinking): No shoes outside the room de?

Went in and saw a chocolate cake in front of me. I saw many people in CU room, singing Happy Birthday song!!! Seriously, if you guys sing one or two more times, I'll cry! ><

Some pics from my cam... Please Ignore the date and time of the pics... I set it wrongly!!! More pics and videos from Jia Yee coming up =)

A slice of the cake

JiaYee... See... She's so excited!!!

You'll seldom(or never) see these 3 in CU. Presenting... SehHui, JunLun and Eurick. SehHui and JunLun are not Christians but here they are... in CU room for the celebration! Eurick just came for the cake la... XD


Eyes-closed =.=


Leonard came up during his afternoon recess time

Okay... This is what happened. Ke Lin FORCED me to show everyone the card before I could see it with my own eyes. In the card, there's a pic of my head and my body drawn by Jia Yee!!! ><

The card

Then, I made ALL of them to confess all their LIES.

KeLin wanted me to stay back cuz of this celebration so told A LOT of "lies". Video by JiaYee

JiaYee rushed to for "majalah thingy" to prepare for this(pump balloons and all). EnTze rushed to "toilet" to inform the rest in the room. Joyce and Kelly didnt want me to suspect anything so they use geography society as an excuse... So many "lies" ><. All of them didnt want me to suspect anything so they hid their shoes in CU room!

The party was quite a surprise! Quite cuz Gid and ChiChung kinda leak it out! Well... I had a loads of fun except for the cleaning, staying back til 5.30pm and looking all over the skul for the room keys! ><. It's so sweet of you guys staying back to spend some time with me.

Thank You all my dear Frens!!! You make my bday a memorable one =)