Friday, 31 October 2008

31 Oct 08

Early in the morning...

Cally, Gideon and me(where's Gary?!)

Hmmm... what are we up to? ;D btw, took a lot of videos and pics before this but it's a lil silly lol?

SURPRISE!!!! Happy (super early) Birthday, Shao Wei!!!

Leon opening his present

We know his birthday is like so far away but have to give it today.

The Present....(or "da box" in my previous post lol)

See it? ;D Leon couldn't see it at first =.=

Graduation ceremony

KeLin, JiaYee and Guan Lin

Obviously we weren't listening closely to the speeches but we were excited during the performances. Some classes' ( I forgot which! ><) performances are really good. Some are so cute!!! ^^ Cally danced really well so I thought of posting this video.

Spot Cally!!!

Walked to JJ after that. Tien Zhi was taking us for a long walk. Wanted to bring us to a mamak but it wasn't open! All of us complained but I didn't really say anything much cuz I did the same thing (brought him around without knowing where to walk to) when we were in Midvalley ><.
Then... Lunch @ Old Town Kopitiam

Me and Yan Wei

This pic was taken during Evon's bday party. See the difference between the 2 pics? :D

@ Popular Bookstore

Baskin robbins!!! It's 31st rite? ;D

I picked strawberry cheesecake, Jamoca Almond Fudge, Cookies n Creams and Choc sumthing LOL!

Wee Jun!!!

Baskin Gang will return on 31st Dec 2008!!! ^^

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Outing with friends @ Midvalley

Friends Parents

Kim ar... Ask your parents la
Dangerous lah... A lot of people lah...
Aiya, every time you ask, your parents don't let you go out de mah.
Ask dy, then your parents angry you then not good lor...

You still small ><


heard this loads of times since form 1?

BUT this is the FIRST EVER TIME my parents allow me to go out with my friends using public transport! Before this, Mun Yan was like: "We'll take care of you de la..." and "must get used to the crowded LRT lor..." lo Wei Yan was a lil shocked cuz he thought I won't be able to make it as usual. Then the rest replied: "Aiya, Kim big girl dy mah..." Lol?

There were me, Ke Lin, Mun Yan, Eileen, Yue Wan, Fiona, Wei Yan and Tien Zhi. Met up at section 19's station. Thought Ke Lin won't be able to come also but she turned up! Btw, This is also the FIRST EVER TIME ALL my girls turn up!!! Most of us wore our birthday presents.

Mun yan's shoe we bought this year. This is the first time I saw her wearing it. Still so white :D

Ke Lin's shirt. Birthday present from us last year. First time saw her wearing it too. The train was quite shaky

Yue wan used the bag we got it for her birthday this year. While I wore the white top I received for my birthday!

Some pics taken in the LRT

Fiona, KeLin and Wei Yan

Me and kor... Stalking my earphones!!!

Breakfast @ MacDonalds, KL Sentral

Midvalley... Here we come!!!

Was looking around for Ke Lin's birthday present and a volleyball. Lost it during penang trip and Ketua Lawatan (ahem!) have to get one back. It wasn't a easy thing looking for KeLin's present. We don't really know what she likes because we know her too much? lol

In a shoe shop

The rest had lunch at Little Vietnam while kor accompanied me to Carls Jr. Can't really take vietnamese food lol? but they say it was nice.

Carls Jr

Kor modelling (lol) for Carls Jr ;D

After lunch, we spilt into two groups. Group 1: WeiYan, Eileen, Yue Wan and Mun Yan. Group 2: Tien Zhi, Fiona, Ke Lin and me. Each group has a "body guard" to "guard" 3 "wards". Fair enough? ;D Group 1 went to watch High School Musical 3 (Me and Ke Lin watched on the 27th which was a day before this outing!) while Group 2 walked around.

Fiona did a great job helping to pick Ke Lin's present. I needed Tien Zhi's taste and help to choose some stuff. Don't why, as we walked on, we some how reached The Gardens. (Didn't see sign board la.) Kor complained leg ache so sat on the sofa.

Look up!


After choosing among so many things, walking everywhere and with kor's help, at last bought this...

Box?! (read on)

Group 1 finished their movie. Wei Yan don't really understand the movie so the rest of us explained to him. After all the explaination, he said: "I only know who is Troy ><". Wei Yan was busy munching his popcorn and slurping his coke that he missed most part of the movie! Went home around 4.30pm. The LRT was jammed with people. It was a tiring day but it was FUN!!!!

Thanks a lot my dears for making it a memorable day. Next time? :D

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ah Ben!

It's Ben's birthday today!!!

Took my cam to church but didn't get to snap any photos but I will... SOON (you heard that Ben? ;D)

Grabbed this from his facebook

If you see him, PLEASE wish him lol (he say he won't talk to me anymore if I tell anybody.... I didn't say a word yea ;D)

Happy 19th Birthday Ben!!!

Can't remember how I got to know you but You've always been a good friend and korkor (or mayb Uncle... or is it GRANDPA?!) to me. God bless you ;D

Watching High School Musical 3 soon ;D

Friday, 24 October 2008

After Exams...

Exams are over!!!! Finally!!!

Returned SPBT books today. So heavy ><

Thought I lost my Anak Laut book. Until in school
, Jing Nie told me she accidentally took my book! Yay! Don't have to pay for the "lost" book ;D Didn't do anything much the whole day in class except for talking and reading the story book Munyan brought. Manage to lend the book home :D

Happy 15th Birthday to Mr John Chai!!! ;D

Short holiday until next Thursday. Yippee!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wei yan's sweet 16

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Wei Yan!!!

Love your cake huh? XD

Not to mention... your bday drink!

and wasabi seaweed from Yue Wan :D (it's dark cuz it's early in the morning)

Who ask you to give Yue Wan so many fish balls for her bday? Now is pay back time XDDD

Even though it's the exams, we STILL remember your birthday!!! Touched? :D Thanks for being a good friend... like always =) Hope you enjoyed your day, STRESSED! weiyan secret code :D

From DESSERTS =) my secret code

Friday, 17 October 2008


Previously had a King-sized bed but it's kinda old and it gives me back ache lol?

Lorry unloading...

Queen sized... It's a lil smaller than the previous bed but don't really care cuz I'm the only one sleeping on it :D

No more back aches lol?

Congrats to all PMR-ers!!! You guys finished your exams!!! Now it's my turn to have my exams >< Study ar...

Friday, 10 October 2008

October Babies!!!

Double Birthday in my famliy!!! Dad and Daniel share the same birthday month. Dad's birthday was on the 5th (same day withj Cheryl!) while Daniel's birthday is coming on the 19th! All 5 of my family members share the same birth DAY every year (as in Sunday, Monday de DAY) It's all on Sunday this year XD

Father-and-Son at Starbucks, Genting 2007

Loads of birthday coming up...

Exams!!! >< Still not over. Just started my BM tuition on Monday. Suppose to follow En Tze's van but ended up in Eileen's car Lol! Eileen and Yue Wan went to the dentist beside Delta and I just follow without knowing why are we there. Eileen made her dentist appointment while me and Yue Wan used the toilet XD! They say the tuition center's toilet is wet and sometimes the slipper there is wet too. Nobody wants to get their socks wet rite? ;) Having my FIRST tuition was a WOW thing for me. Sitting in a Long and not-really-wide hall with 190++ students was erm... amazing?! =P

Signing off :)

Saturday, 4 October 2008

2 days in Johor

On the way to dad's hometown...


Presenting... my sis, Sarah

Sarah, Daniel and me

Yours truly XD

After 3 hours journey... We finally arrived!

Camwhore + Play ball

My erm... nephew, Chen... showing off his Kung Fu skills

He looks so cute!!! He watched too much Kung Fu Panda... He kinda look like it!

His youngest bro, Hung

Me want da ball!!

Brother connection

Shen (elder bro) and Chen climbing!

Helmets!!! 3 sons + dad (my cousin)

My other nephew

Good poser huh?

Nephew and... auntie?!! ><

Okay... He wants to climb too

Remember the basketball court just in front my grandma's house I mentioned last time?
A pic of it and my parents

Get to play basketball in the court this time =)

Exams after holiday!!!! ><
Somebody's Birthday coming .... lol