Saturday, 4 October 2008

2 days in Johor

On the way to dad's hometown...


Presenting... my sis, Sarah

Sarah, Daniel and me

Yours truly XD

After 3 hours journey... We finally arrived!

Camwhore + Play ball

My erm... nephew, Chen... showing off his Kung Fu skills

He looks so cute!!! He watched too much Kung Fu Panda... He kinda look like it!

His youngest bro, Hung

Me want da ball!!

Brother connection

Shen (elder bro) and Chen climbing!

Helmets!!! 3 sons + dad (my cousin)

My other nephew

Good poser huh?

Nephew and... auntie?!! ><

Okay... He wants to climb too

Remember the basketball court just in front my grandma's house I mentioned last time?
A pic of it and my parents

Get to play basketball in the court this time =)

Exams after holiday!!!! ><
Somebody's Birthday coming .... lol