Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Outing with friends @ Midvalley

Friends Parents

Kim ar... Ask your parents la
Dangerous lah... A lot of people lah...
Aiya, every time you ask, your parents don't let you go out de mah.
Ask dy, then your parents angry you then not good lor...

You still small ><


heard this loads of times since form 1?

BUT this is the FIRST EVER TIME my parents allow me to go out with my friends using public transport! Before this, Mun Yan was like: "We'll take care of you de la..." and "must get used to the crowded LRT lor..." lo Wei Yan was a lil shocked cuz he thought I won't be able to make it as usual. Then the rest replied: "Aiya, Kim big girl dy mah..." Lol?

There were me, Ke Lin, Mun Yan, Eileen, Yue Wan, Fiona, Wei Yan and Tien Zhi. Met up at section 19's station. Thought Ke Lin won't be able to come also but she turned up! Btw, This is also the FIRST EVER TIME ALL my girls turn up!!! Most of us wore our birthday presents.

Mun yan's shoe we bought this year. This is the first time I saw her wearing it. Still so white :D

Ke Lin's shirt. Birthday present from us last year. First time saw her wearing it too. The train was quite shaky

Yue wan used the bag we got it for her birthday this year. While I wore the white top I received for my birthday!

Some pics taken in the LRT

Fiona, KeLin and Wei Yan

Me and kor... Stalking my earphones!!!

Breakfast @ MacDonalds, KL Sentral

Midvalley... Here we come!!!

Was looking around for Ke Lin's birthday present and a volleyball. Lost it during penang trip and Ketua Lawatan (ahem!) have to get one back. It wasn't a easy thing looking for KeLin's present. We don't really know what she likes because we know her too much? lol

In a shoe shop

The rest had lunch at Little Vietnam while kor accompanied me to Carls Jr. Can't really take vietnamese food lol? but they say it was nice.

Carls Jr

Kor modelling (lol) for Carls Jr ;D

After lunch, we spilt into two groups. Group 1: WeiYan, Eileen, Yue Wan and Mun Yan. Group 2: Tien Zhi, Fiona, Ke Lin and me. Each group has a "body guard" to "guard" 3 "wards". Fair enough? ;D Group 1 went to watch High School Musical 3 (Me and Ke Lin watched on the 27th which was a day before this outing!) while Group 2 walked around.

Fiona did a great job helping to pick Ke Lin's present. I needed Tien Zhi's taste and help to choose some stuff. Don't why, as we walked on, we some how reached The Gardens. (Didn't see sign board la.) Kor complained leg ache so sat on the sofa.

Look up!


After choosing among so many things, walking everywhere and with kor's help, at last bought this...

Box?! (read on)

Group 1 finished their movie. Wei Yan don't really understand the movie so the rest of us explained to him. After all the explaination, he said: "I only know who is Troy ><". Wei Yan was busy munching his popcorn and slurping his coke that he missed most part of the movie! Went home around 4.30pm. The LRT was jammed with people. It was a tiring day but it was FUN!!!!

Thanks a lot my dears for making it a memorable day. Next time? :D