Sunday, 30 November 2008

Books cum Baptism Anniversary cum Camp cum Baptism cum Christine 14th bday!!!

Steph lend me this!

I finished reading Nic's book!

26 Nov
Happy 2nd Baptism Anniversary to me and all my baptise-together-frens!!! ;D

27 Nov~ 29 Nov Kids In Book Camp (Old Testament)

Was helping in team David with Aunty Melissa, Steph and Noah. I lost my voice on the 2nd day lol?

Steph ROCKS!!!! :D


Aloysius belanja us ice-cream!!!

Me and Jane... Congrats!!!


Me and Birthday Girl aka Christine

Me and Birthday Girl's sis aka Willa :D

Christine taking a Big Bite

Christine Face meets bday cake! :D

Steph, Amanda, Willa, Christine, Me and My sis will be away for holidays. The Yeo's sisters are going to Hong Kong!!! The Chee's sister are going to Japan!!! While the Yong's sisters are going down to Singapore ;D.

See you all in Youth camp!!! did I mention I chopped off my hair? lol

DG retreat 08: Genting


DG: Discipleship Group

Lazy to write so here's sum pics taken using Nicola's "hand-me-down(she calls it)" motorola phone (didn't bring my cam... lazy again) ... had fun teaching her how to operate her phone.

the girls... WE missed Adrienne around!!!

Me and Joel

Me and Nicola ;D

One of the activities we did

Late night charade

Alvin and the chipmunks VS Kim's angels ;D

My hat... but not my head hahs!

Never go Genting during the holidays cum weekend. Long queue for cable car, rides, everything.... ><

Monday, 24 November 2008

Bangsar Gospel Church Kids Camp

Hey peeps! I'm finally updating my blog! =) my internet line and telly was hit by lightning. Internet line is repaired now... still choosing which telly model to buy =).
Can't remember every single detail of what happened so I blog according to the pics I took.

15 Nov 08~ 17 Nov 08

Fraser's Hill

Had to walk up

Nearly there...

At Methodist Bungalow

Games... The tallest tower

Cat and Dog Theology

Breakfast... They fed us quite well =)

Cat VS Dog Tic-tac-toe

Some kids I met there...
(The pics are a lil blur cuz light and cam wasnt that good lol)

Me and Jane

Me and Alicia

Me and Kaylyn

Me and Andrew


He played with my cam alright...

Kaylyn, Me and Jane


Jane's and my hp :D

Captain ball!!!!

Kaylyn and Jane... Captain Ball break



had to finish the soup ><. Anyway, played yum-sheng :D


The kids like to "annoy" ppl (including me! ><) with their "theme" song

Quite cute huh? =)

This is my first time helping out in a Kids Camp. Was a great experience for me handling kids... (they asked loads of Questions) and piano lol. I get to revise my Cat and Dog Theology as well =) hmm...a lot of them say I look different with my specs on. Hmmmm... :D

To Jane: I think I figured out Bella's Lullaby dy... will send a video or something to you soon =)

Friday, 14 November 2008

Last few days of school

Last week...

A lecturer from UiTM came to my class to do some Chinese survey.

Was so hard for me to order. Was literally talking on the phone in front of teacher >< Ran in toilet when teacher was not looking lol? =D


Spotted this red thingy on the table

Watch to see what is red thingy lol


Class meeting

Then... Went to kacau 4S1 =D

Me and Jia Yee

I won (dunno how many times) of Speed XD

Jun Kuen XD

Jun Kuen, Jia Yee and Ke Lin

Jia Yee learning to tie neck tie =D

Part of 4A1 pupils. Not many came today.

Don't know how should I put it... I had great fun with my school friends this year whether it's CU, Librarians, classmate or schoolmates. Really treasured the time spent with all of you. Can't wait to see you guys soon. Class outing and friends outing coming soon =) all in sunway pulak

Heading to Fraser's Hill for Bangsar Kid's Camp .... =)