Friday, 14 November 2008

Last few days of school

Last week...

A lecturer from UiTM came to my class to do some Chinese survey.

Was so hard for me to order. Was literally talking on the phone in front of teacher >< Ran in toilet when teacher was not looking lol? =D


Spotted this red thingy on the table

Watch to see what is red thingy lol


Class meeting

Then... Went to kacau 4S1 =D

Me and Jia Yee

I won (dunno how many times) of Speed XD

Jun Kuen XD

Jun Kuen, Jia Yee and Ke Lin

Jia Yee learning to tie neck tie =D

Part of 4A1 pupils. Not many came today.

Don't know how should I put it... I had great fun with my school friends this year whether it's CU, Librarians, classmate or schoolmates. Really treasured the time spent with all of you. Can't wait to see you guys soon. Class outing and friends outing coming soon =) all in sunway pulak

Heading to Fraser's Hill for Bangsar Kid's Camp .... =)