Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Bye 2008!!!

It's been a great year. Can't Thank God enough for His blessings! Well... I guess almost each post of mine reminds me of His goodness.

Just change my header XD

Going to church later. Ciao~ =)

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Youth Camp 08 #3

Got this from some where lol.

Group Pic!!! Click on Pic for larger view. spot me!

Oh yea... Bout Life Game, I'm considering to volunteer next year =) If my parents allow la. The big word... S-P-M mah lol.
Suddenly want to arrange Life Game camp for CU camp. Quite surprised they have this bilingual language thingy so those who attend Chinese church or English Church will not be so erm blur? I get a lil blur when the pastor says the verse in Chinese and I'm flipping my English Bible lol! You guys want? XD Leave a comment yea =). But They are booked for next year so... hmm... maybe When somebody else takes my place then I 8 a bit Lol!

Blessed Christmas!!! will post more later... =)

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Open house and Surprise!

Had Triple S (Syok Sendiri Sesion) before open house starts

Some pics are STRICTLY for personal keeps ;D

Emcees for KSKA Open House... My dear DG leaders... Mr & Mrs See!

Ben! Great dancer.
Lazy upload vids leh...For videos, See Sarah's Blog.

Hah! Finally took a recent pic of Ben.

The next day... Monday, Dec 22 2008

Received a letter... Recognized the handwriting immediately

Aw~~~ Who would make a card, write nice sweet words, her sis wants to write something on it lol and mail it? Ke Lin!!! Indeed, I'm her OLDEST friend and She is also my OLDEST friend =) Thanks!!!!! Love you as always =)

Youth Camp 08 #2

Just want to add this pic in

From dear Amanda's blog...

oh yea... btw, I love my *new* phone wallpaper XD

Thank God I don't remember who killed me =P

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Youth Camp 08

Wohoo~~~ Just came back from Fraser's Hill. Back from camp for a day then the next day went to Fraser's Hill pulak LOL. Fraser's Hill is not far from Kuala Kubu Bharu. Nothing much to say bout my trip to Fraser's Hill. It's the 2ND time this holiday I went there!!! Well... from this year's youth camp....Here goes...

This camp really had struck me. It was an eye opener for me. Life can just end suddenly... without any warning. The world is cruel. Sometimes I put so called "important Things" before God. I have made a commitment with God to be a FULL TIME Christian. Life now is to prepare for eternity in heaven... Or the opposite. I chose to follow God's way and build up my relationship between Him. I learnt to differentiate clearly what is "need" and "want", be more grateful to what I have, appreciate my parents more... Wow, God really wants me to learn so much from Him. Cant tell you guys what exactly we were doing in the "game". It's TOP SCERET! :D God really sustained me, cuz usually when I get sick, I tend to get more tired and all. Got sick the second day of camp. Eye infection summore ><. It was so bad til I had to skip an hour of session to sleep LOL. anyway, I was "DEAD" then ;D. Sorry if I acted not=so=kindly to any of you cuz you kacau-ed me when I was so sick... =P. Made friends with people I always see in church but never get to know them. It's a good thing rite? ;D

As usual.... Pics!!!! (It's almost impossible for me NOT to snap any pics :D)

Pastor John, our camp speaker!


Helped sis's DG, Petra to snap pics...

Sarah and Christine

Me and Wynne


Told you I was "DEAD"! =P

Me and "my bro" Michael :D

Me and Willa

SuXian and me

Pro pianist, Gideon (watch him play!) and Me

John zai and Me


Me and Christine

Aloy and Christine


Oh great... so fake la me ><

Oopsie... the flash

This is Better =)

The bloggers!!!

I love this the most ;D

This MIGHT sound SCARY but I had this erm... weird er feeling... Dejavu-ish lol. You see... Sarah Forgot her bag during CU camp, Aunty Kok Moi forgot her laptop bag during Bangsar Kid's Camp... Then I thought I might be thinking too much that something is going to happen. I didnt want to tell anyone cuz whoever will either freak or think I'm a freak LOL. I wasn't the usual chatty me cuz of sore throat so I was started to observe people and all. I realized I was literally staring on some of the same stuffs and people. Then... erm... to keep the super complicated long story of mine SHORT. There WAS a volunteer who forgot his sling bag and the bag was safely returned. Thanks to John zai's braveness to check the black bag (I don't have that guts lol!) and my God blessed Dejavu-ness =)

BROKE my phone memory card!!! Gone are my songs... Oh well... NVM... I got 2GB memory card for free XDDD!

Check this out... I don't know why he got "CHIANG-ED" so fast

Go girls!!!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Singapore 08

Hey peeps! missed me when I was away? =) well, blogging bout my trip to Singapore. Have a peek =)

A MUST take in Singapore

Auntie's place

Cousin bro, Zi Xuan and me... His playing is good!

Orchard Road during Christmas

This mall is owned by a Christian Boss... Check out the bible verse

Saw Winnie the Pooh and Friends thingy going in a mall

Zi Xuan and Daniel Reading

Cousin Emma... so cute!!! She's a good erm... poser =)

Heather and Emma

Me and Emma

Play Dead while waiting for food LOL!

Marina Barrage... SIngapore's 15th reservoir. It has 3-in-1 benefits which are water supply, flood control and lifestyle attraction.

Me and Dad

In Raffles City... Love the food!!!

Going to youth camp tomorrow =) hmmm... I think it's the only camp in the year where I go for FUN! (well... most of the camps require me to take up responsibility and jobs and duties. This is a more carefree camp =)) I definately want to learn what God wants me to =), catch up with friends (been away for a few Sundays dy) and grow fat with all the junk foods stuff in! :D

Thanks Wynne for your "Things to bring" post! I'll make sure I have open heart =)