Thursday, 25 December 2008

Youth Camp 08 #3

Got this from some where lol.

Group Pic!!! Click on Pic for larger view. spot me!

Oh yea... Bout Life Game, I'm considering to volunteer next year =) If my parents allow la. The big word... S-P-M mah lol.
Suddenly want to arrange Life Game camp for CU camp. Quite surprised they have this bilingual language thingy so those who attend Chinese church or English Church will not be so erm blur? I get a lil blur when the pastor says the verse in Chinese and I'm flipping my English Bible lol! You guys want? XD Leave a comment yea =). But They are booked for next year so... hmm... maybe When somebody else takes my place then I 8 a bit Lol!

Blessed Christmas!!! will post more later... =)