Thursday, 1 January 2009

First post of 09!

Going to school for library clean up lol. I consider it as the first event of the year! =) Get to meet all my dear librarian friends. I missed the Librarian gathering in Wei yan's house, well... not to mention my class' outing to Sunway and Primary school classmates gathering ><. All of the gatherings weren't in the right timing, oh well...

I realize I don't have a pic of my cam! (well, technically it's my mum's but I use it more often than she does! ;D) I've been using it ever since the first day my mum got it as her bday present XD I took loads of pics... I mean TONNES! Thanks to some of my truly dear friends who appreciate my photo takings. Wei yan said it's a waste for me not to be in the Photography club lol? blah... I like to be forced ;P I decided to give my cam a lil space here in my blog :)


Not the pro-use type but I like how humble it is =)

My bloggie is one year old!!!! XD