Sunday, 11 January 2009

First week of school 09

Haven't update for one week dy. Was so busy in school.

Monday: The uncle who fetch me and my friends to school last year decided not to fetch us! Thank God the aunty who fetch sis to school has one more seat. Pn Wan Aini, our class (5A1) teacher and also teaching us History. She replaced Encik Sivakumar lol. I was not early to school and most of the seats have been taken so I ended of at the front row! Sat with Yi Jen, Jing Nie and Yit Hwa. Got the rest of SBPT books. Going to tuition was also a problem. No transport again ><. Dad having night classes this year. Thank God (again lol), Ke Lin's mum drop me off at Delta =) Had lunch in Book Valley with Eileen and Yue Wan. Went back with Eileen.

Hold all these in my hands ><. Bag packed dy lol

Tuesday: Duty. Science stream student having to sit for a EST test. If they don't pass, They have to drop EST. They had EST classes last year and now our school has limited it to 3 classes! Don't know why... not in science stream ;P

Wed: No bible knowledge class yet

Chinese teacher made us write this! ><

Piano class... I can get siao with Beethoven's song dy lol.

Fri: Class teacher changed to Cik Toh =) Encik Siva took over Pn Wan Aini's place as History teacher! Librarian Committee meeting then CU committee meeting. Came out with a *NEW* theme!

Last year's theme

the first CU activity of the year
Date: 16th Jan 08
Time: 2.00pm to 3.30 pm
Venue: 5A3

Come if you want to know the *NEW* theme!

Sat: Gotong Royong in school

From Willa and Christine Lol!

I won't be updating so often (study mah...) so be patient XD