Friday, 23 January 2009

Mon: Wei Yan drafted the lyrics! Went to CU room to make a melody for it. I was laughing the moment I saw it lol? Funny lyrics. More like music class song lol! Will edit it ASAP =) Wei Yan wore shoes in CU room! AND I scolded him. He won't be the first one I scolded for wearing shoes in CU room. Mr. Khoo Eu Rick got scolded straight after my birthday thingy in CU room. I think he's scare of me now ;D. Well... things went differently for Wei Yan. He just said sorry and smile smile only lol? Read this in the LATEST Reader's Digest: DESSERTS and STRESSED are the longest words that can be reversed. Buddies mah. I forgive you la lol.

Went to Bilik Sumber to give Cik Lee Wai Ping the duty list then suddenly heard: "HI, Kimberly!" I looked around... Pn Chia Pei Fong was the only one there. Then I was like: Oh, Hi teacher. LOL! She was my form3 Science teacher.

Tues: Yi Jen was absent. Sick. Duty. My water bottle tried to "commit suicide" by falling down frm the 3rd floor to the Ground floor and I saved it lol! Ke Lin gave all of us the rules for Games of Program Galakan Membaca. Mine special ;D

Ke Lin's handwriting nice o? =)

Wed: Kor's bday!!!


midvalley 08

Thanks for being a good friend and kor! Don't know what more can I say hehe...

Thurs: Had piano class. Changed my 3rd exam piece. First was alligator crawl, then brahm's intermezzo, then Piazzolla's Retrato de Alfredo Gobbi LOL! Need stamina!!! the video isn't me playing. My hands not so big la.

Was very tired. John called at night. One more blog reader!!! ;D He sang a funny version of superhuman (my blog song! Love it =) ) He's good at cheering people up. Thanks yea!

Fri: For add maths class, Pn Tang shared some personal stuffs bout her family lol! Sang CNY song in class.

Not many pics for this week hor...

will be away~

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! (angpow leh... XD)