Saturday, 17 January 2009

Waseh... Busy week lol

Tonnes of homework

Had Meeting with Pn Cheah, Pastor Tan and Crystal. Made arrangements for bible knowledge. Anyone who is interested, pls look for Pn Cheah or Kimberly (5A1) me la lol!

Beautiful Tones - East and West ticket <3

Bought ticket from Xin Bei. Anyone interested, look for Chng Xin Bei (5S2) Xin Bei is singing!!!! wohoo~~!

Ticket Pricing: Student pass (below 18) Rm 17 Adult pass (above 18) RM33

Finally... Wei Yan bought maxis number!!! Sms him can 破产 leh lol!

Support Red Cresent! I'm not in RC though ;D

Had Program Maju Diri on Thursday and Friday. Suppose to make us "maju" lolx!

Lee Tien Zhi's ( Ketua Kebersihan) job for Bilik Sumber and Bilik Tayangan is now "transfered" to Yan Wei and me! Now, he's just in charge of library's cleaniness. Yan wei and me have to take care of Bilik Sumber and 2 Bilik Tayangans. Got to type duty list, make sure Bilik Sumber is clean, change the notice board! ><

I'm *OFFICIALLY* Library's camerawoman LOL? At first it was just for camp, then during meeting, Pn Ng wants somebody to snap pictures whenever library has ANY announcement or activity. Wei Yan shouted my name! >< That is what happen when your friend is Vice President lol!

Song STILL in progress~~~ don't rush me k. lol!