Sunday, 8 February 2009

Did I mention that Me and HuiYing wandered around Guardian before tuition? XD

Lend Weiyan my add maths pelangi book. And take a look

Looks okay right?

Take a closer look

lol! funny equation!

I love eating it too XD

You don't want to know what happen after I saw my book conteng-ed like that!

Snapshots from Library...

Activities for Program Galakan Membace

Guess the pages

Mind challenge

mini 32


Come and support library lah XD. Library had interviewed the F3's who applied to become librarians. Practise the song me and Weiyan wrote. As a I-don't-know-how-to-play-guitar, I teached Weiyan how to strum lol?

Taken by Weiyan

Kwang Hua Christian Union's FIRST activity of 09!!!

If you weren't there, You missed...

The crowd... Making melody in my heart


The word

the fun part XD (spot Datuk Gid XD)

the food (you should see how we stuff our mouth full with jellies!)

There was some technical error but Thank God, He blessed CU with "technicians" like En Yew, Gary and En Tze, photoghapher-Jia Yee when the ex-photographer is busy XD, Ke Lin to keep things under control, my cam works although it's a lil cacat-ed lol... SO MANY things to be thankful for!!! I created Kwang Hua Christian Union group in facebook!

Thank God again for the wonderful time we had. Bonding with our bros and sis in Christ and getting closer to God =)