Saturday, 14 February 2009

Yue wan and Mun Yan wore the same black Hong Kong shirt during tuition! and I was the only one not in black lol! One of us got hungry so went to for makan. I and Eileen ordered bubur caca or carcar lol, Munyan took popiah while Yua Wan watch us eat and show us the "cup trick". Recorded the song wif weiyan in cu room then didnt have enough time to finish wrapping my book ><. Tried lompat tinggi during rumah, forgot how to jump dy lol! the last time I jump high jump was in... primary school? those were the younger days.... XD Chinese teacher took us to the book fair. Yi Jen was trying to explain something that the teacher got wrong but the teacher still insisted she was right >< Had activity on friday. Thank God it went smoothly =) pics with Jia Yee. After CU, went to kepo the kursus for trainees XD. Cheryl and Su mei made it to become trainee librarians! Congrats to you both and the rest who made it through =) Took pics... pics in library's cam XD. Anyway, here's some random pics XD.

Weiyan lend me this guitar chord book. Thanks buddy! =)

practise your strumming pls! XD

Last Sat's CU activity
KeLin, JiaYee and Me in Legacy shirts!

Played "write something on the paper that is sticking on my back" game during Fri's Cu activity.

Here's my paper...

Pretty girl?! You'll take that back when you see my newly cut hair =P. Cut my hair super short today. 失恋... joking la XD. Wei yan, Stop bugging me to SS la.. u'll see my funny hair soon enough. lalala~ XD