Sunday, 29 March 2009

Summary of my week: 2 days of marching and running practise. almost every part of my body is aching! Sports day is this coming Friday! >< Found this after CU activity...


Was looking all around for it's owner. The owner of this watch is my restaurant partner lol. Gary ar Gary... Watch can simply put de meh...

Nothing better to do XD

Sat: Earth Day!

Went to the Boey's house for potluck. 8.30pm: all lights turned off then all of us went out and "parade" around the neighbourhood with tanglungs (it's like early lantern festival liddet lol!). Went to the playground to play. Who say big girls can play? XD Oh, some kids fell off the see-saw and I fell next lol. The see-saw was a lil slippery after the rain. It was fun lol? After earth hour, went back to Boey's residence and there Uncle Boey did some sharing. Let me sum it up: Genesis-creation, Earth hour, pollution, human, responsible..

Pics pics.. XD ( thanks to nicola-camera phone sponsor)

Glow sticks!

One thing I learned from SSMC kids camp... Play dead! XD
Me and Nicola

An aunty thought Angelyn was my sis!

To my blog buddies cum readers: Thanks for reading. Sorry, Can't post too long cuz not much time for blogging. Have a great week yea =)

Sunday, 22 March 2009


Dad bought the tickets ;) I know the show is STILL a LOOONG way to go but hey, I'm so excited!

Going to watch:

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Xian Zhang conductor

Chuanyun Li violinist
(Supermario?! cool violinist! It sounds like the show will be real nice :D)

Playing: 1. RESPIGHI Three Botticelli Pictures

2. LALO Symphonie espagnole (Op.21)
something like what's in this video, but please note that the violinist is Chuanyun Li

3. SCHUMANN Symphony No.4 in D minor (Op.120)

Hopefully it will be like what I expected. That will be 2nd visit to MPO :)

School starting tomorrow (>.<)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Did I tell you that my cousin bro got 10A1 and 1A2 for his SPM? lol. I have another cousin bro but he didn't get any A... Oh well

Sunday, 15th March 09
On duty for piano and Caleb class. Gave Willa her belated birthday present. Sarah had piano extra class after church in Hin Hua. While waiting, me and mum hang out in Bukit Tinggi Aeon. She had her eyes on a pair of Camel Active leather shoes, bout RM 180++ after discount but she didn't buy it... Hinting me I guess. Her birthday is in a month's time! :)

Went to Lavender to buy some bread then head to Starbucks (ate the chicken pie thingy in Starbucks last week but not quite fancy it) lol. Guess what? Jason was working there. Before ordering, an aunty wanted a new drink cuz it was too sweet for her. The job of Barista quite demanding huh? Mum just wanted a sip of my drink so I ordered Grande-sized hot chocolate. I let her had her "sip" but looks like she love it more than I do lol. Jason ar.. What did you add in the drink? lol!

Monday, 16th March 09
Sarah wanted me to follow her to school. She have to go to Kwang Hua to sit for her Grade 5 Theory while I went to train a bit ;) Saw some librarian juniors there. I ran across the field for a few times until... I CUT the place between my toe! I didn't see the sharp stone ><
Saw a tall figure walked pass me. It was Kuan Wei. Can't really see his face with his hair covering it lol. He came to fetch his bro from theory exam. (FYI: Kuan Wei's teacher aka teacher vivian is my ex-teacher. Miss her so so much...) He was like:"Running without shoes on Kwang Hua field sure get cut de.." He asked for contact number and I gave Wynne's number without realising until he tried to call! I actually mixed up my number with her's! I can memorize Wynne's number you know lol. Played with Kuan Wei's hp a lil. I'm good at playing people's phones XD Snap snap...

Long hair huh?

Ying Sing called at night. Thursday and Friday Librarians are having a gathering in Aeon Bukit Tinggi on Sat. Mum will be in Medan, Dad having workshop thingy, sis going out.... Don't know can go anot leh.

Tuesday, 17th March 09
Went to Gan's optic to check my eyesight. Managed to maintain it :) I have astig and a lil long sightedness lol?

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Munyan's 17th birthday!

Fri: Dad and bro went to Focus on the famliy's Father and Son camp. School got kepimpinan thingy. Don't want to elaborate much lol. Then CU had meeting in Cu room. So hot la >.<

Saturday: Auto-Woke up at 7+am. Sent a i-kenot-go-to-sunway-msg to Munyan lol. Me and Eileen went to sunway together. Went to buy cake but Secret Recipe cake so expensive! Met up with KeLin. Then Eileen went to Red Box Karaoke while Me and Ke Lin ran to J.CO Donuts to buy 2 dozens of donuts. Save our money alot! XD Then Me and KeLin ran again to look for Red Box Karaoke (Not that familiar with Sunway Pyramid lo). We went to the wrong karaoke place lol. Took us a lot of energy, time and sweat to get to Red Box Karaoke lol. No outside food allowed in KTV?! >< Wait... Then Munyan's Petanq Senior came in. Know none of them except for Shu Hao lol. Happy Birthday song standby-ed in the song list... The door flung open, (later I know Eileen was hit by the door lol) Then..

ta-dah! Munyan arrives. She still looked blurred. She didn't see who was in the room cuz it was so dark. She was laughing and srceaming when she saw all of us in the room lol. It was a SURPRISE PARTY la. Nobody was shy and everybody sing K til very "high". Bought a jacket for Munyan.

I know you love to see pics XD (me so perasan XD) the room was so so dark. We tried to adjust it to the brightest but the "brightest" is STILL dark! sorry for the dark pics. Dad took the camera to camp so these photos are courtesy of kimzhiyi aka photographer and Eileen aka phone donator lol

J.CO Donuts!!!

Closer view XD

Yue wan, Ke Lin and Munyan
(FYI: everybody shown in this blog post are good ol' primary school buddies)

Yuewan and Munyan

Me and Eileen

Me and KeLin

Us again XD

Munyan and me

This has better lighting

Sorry for not celebrating your birthday for TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS!!!! >< Librarian camp la. You said you understand that and that's one of the reasons I love you ;D HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUNYAN! You are the tai-kah-jie among us i think... the earliest to reach 17 lol.

It rained and we all have to run to the train station. I think I'll be sick soon.. Kepimpinan thingy already running in the rain ><. The train kept delaying! Waited very long for it. While waiting, Munyan open up her presents. She said Her seniors so rich, didn't combine present de lol. Opps.... Eileen left the card we all wrote in the KTV! ><

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sat: Genting! XD

Me and sis

Ladies day lol?

Happy birthday Shiyan!

Shiyan(left)MP '08

pia folio ar ><

Monday: Tuition lol. Sis have extra piano class so parents fetch her to Teacher Sophie's house behind Aeon Bukit Tinggi. While waiting for her, we went to shop XD. Develop pics for moral folio and some other pics. Had espresso in starbucks coffee (yum..) and guess what? Saw an "old" friend of mine-Jason Ong lol! Why do I see him when I'm half eating or drinking? =.= The last time I saw him was on my birthday, went for dinner with family. Was half eating and Jason pops out lol! He calls me miss tall tower :O He is *officially* Starbucks barista. Geng~ Check out his bloggie

Pics developed...

Memories of me with my loved ones <3

Monday: Slept late on Sunday cuz can't sleep. Thanks to espresso lol. still Pia-ing folio ><. Manage to finish it anyhow lol.

Tues: Willa, Cik Toh and Boon Shan's birthday!

Sms willa but no reply de... ><

Willa and Me <3 youth camp 08

The song me and weiyan wrote is hanging, not using it for camp song dy. As usual, Duty on tuesday. No need wrap book o... for me la XD. I don't know why I'm given typing jobs to do but anyway, love it XD. Typed duty list of this and that, cut out CPU's number thingy and etc. Few more days left before they hand in their signature book. And as usual (lol), Juniors floods over Senior to get their signature. For my case, They crave for my limited edition signature (perasan pulak XD). So far I signed less than 10 books lol? It's not that I don't want to give but nobody comes to get. Maybe will post bout how and what the juniors did to earn my signature lol.

Wed:No bible knowledge cuz Crystal has saringan. I enjoy watching the race. So gan jiong lol. (During sports day, can everybody in school close their eyes when it's 4X100m? ><) Sports day, Support Rumah C! XD Rumah C got 2nd for 4X400m in the girls's category. Got to catch up. Got last for Sukan tara ><.

Thursday: Spm result day! Congrats to all who made it!

Pn Koh Kwee Choo made my class check ex-f5 student's result. She gave me 5S1's result slip :O Loon Han and Gai Xiong straight A1s !!! You should see Loon Han's blog and feel the "chim=ness" of his language (as what weiyan said). Come to think of it, my language on my blog is so "pasar" type XD.

Friday, 6 March 2009


Specially posted for a very special friend...

Sunday, 1st of March, 09

Wynne and Steph

Me and Wynne =)

Words can't express how much I thank you for everything that you are to me.
Love you loads


SILENCE! DON'T laugh k?

As promised, my not-so-new hair lol.
not that bad gua ><

Fri: CU watched facing the giants!

but me, Ke Lin and En tze missed most of it cuz we had librarian meeting lol

Sat: 东声西乐 concert!

We the fans of XinBei! XD

Jia Yee

Me and Kelin

KeLin and Me XD

HuiYing and Me

The Choir

Spot Xin Bei! XD
(sorry for blur pic. poor lighting and siao-a-bit cam ><)

Cool pose XD

told you camera siao-a-bit dy... but I like this (me siao oso XD)

Love the songs <3

After the show...

Me and the STAR, XinBei! XD

Jia Yee, KeLin, HuiYing, XinYi and Yoon Voon

Jia Yee and KeLin Love them both =)

Saw my sivik teacher aka Mr Pan (don't know his full name) there. Ke Lin told
Eileen, Yue wan, ShuYin and maybe some other people that we saw him and they were screaming lol? they say he's cute =.= Harn Yun had her brain tumour removed and Thank God! Harn Yun is well after her operation! =)