Friday, 6 March 2009


SILENCE! DON'T laugh k?

As promised, my not-so-new hair lol.
not that bad gua ><

Fri: CU watched facing the giants!

but me, Ke Lin and En tze missed most of it cuz we had librarian meeting lol

Sat: 东声西乐 concert!

We the fans of XinBei! XD

Jia Yee

Me and Kelin

KeLin and Me XD

HuiYing and Me

The Choir

Spot Xin Bei! XD
(sorry for blur pic. poor lighting and siao-a-bit cam ><)

Cool pose XD

told you camera siao-a-bit dy... but I like this (me siao oso XD)

Love the songs <3

After the show...

Me and the STAR, XinBei! XD

Jia Yee, KeLin, HuiYing, XinYi and Yoon Voon

Jia Yee and KeLin Love them both =)

Saw my sivik teacher aka Mr Pan (don't know his full name) there. Ke Lin told
Eileen, Yue wan, ShuYin and maybe some other people that we saw him and they were screaming lol? they say he's cute =.= Harn Yun had her brain tumour removed and Thank God! Harn Yun is well after her operation! =)