Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Did I tell you that my cousin bro got 10A1 and 1A2 for his SPM? lol. I have another cousin bro but he didn't get any A... Oh well

Sunday, 15th March 09
On duty for piano and Caleb class. Gave Willa her belated birthday present. Sarah had piano extra class after church in Hin Hua. While waiting, me and mum hang out in Bukit Tinggi Aeon. She had her eyes on a pair of Camel Active leather shoes, bout RM 180++ after discount but she didn't buy it... Hinting me I guess. Her birthday is in a month's time! :)

Went to Lavender to buy some bread then head to Starbucks (ate the chicken pie thingy in Starbucks last week but not quite fancy it) lol. Guess what? Jason was working there. Before ordering, an aunty wanted a new drink cuz it was too sweet for her. The job of Barista quite demanding huh? Mum just wanted a sip of my drink so I ordered Grande-sized hot chocolate. I let her had her "sip" but looks like she love it more than I do lol. Jason ar.. What did you add in the drink? lol!

Monday, 16th March 09
Sarah wanted me to follow her to school. She have to go to Kwang Hua to sit for her Grade 5 Theory while I went to train a bit ;) Saw some librarian juniors there. I ran across the field for a few times until... I CUT the place between my toe! I didn't see the sharp stone ><
Saw a tall figure walked pass me. It was Kuan Wei. Can't really see his face with his hair covering it lol. He came to fetch his bro from theory exam. (FYI: Kuan Wei's teacher aka teacher vivian is my ex-teacher. Miss her so so much...) He was like:"Running without shoes on Kwang Hua field sure get cut de.." He asked for contact number and I gave Wynne's number without realising until he tried to call! I actually mixed up my number with her's! I can memorize Wynne's number you know lol. Played with Kuan Wei's hp a lil. I'm good at playing people's phones XD Snap snap...

Long hair huh?

Ying Sing called at night. Thursday and Friday Librarians are having a gathering in Aeon Bukit Tinggi on Sat. Mum will be in Medan, Dad having workshop thingy, sis going out.... Don't know can go anot leh.

Tuesday, 17th March 09
Went to Gan's optic to check my eyesight. Managed to maintain it :) I have astig and a lil long sightedness lol?