Saturday, 14 March 2009

Munyan's 17th birthday!

Fri: Dad and bro went to Focus on the famliy's Father and Son camp. School got kepimpinan thingy. Don't want to elaborate much lol. Then CU had meeting in Cu room. So hot la >.<

Saturday: Auto-Woke up at 7+am. Sent a i-kenot-go-to-sunway-msg to Munyan lol. Me and Eileen went to sunway together. Went to buy cake but Secret Recipe cake so expensive! Met up with KeLin. Then Eileen went to Red Box Karaoke while Me and Ke Lin ran to J.CO Donuts to buy 2 dozens of donuts. Save our money alot! XD Then Me and KeLin ran again to look for Red Box Karaoke (Not that familiar with Sunway Pyramid lo). We went to the wrong karaoke place lol. Took us a lot of energy, time and sweat to get to Red Box Karaoke lol. No outside food allowed in KTV?! >< Wait... Then Munyan's Petanq Senior came in. Know none of them except for Shu Hao lol. Happy Birthday song standby-ed in the song list... The door flung open, (later I know Eileen was hit by the door lol) Then..

ta-dah! Munyan arrives. She still looked blurred. She didn't see who was in the room cuz it was so dark. She was laughing and srceaming when she saw all of us in the room lol. It was a SURPRISE PARTY la. Nobody was shy and everybody sing K til very "high". Bought a jacket for Munyan.

I know you love to see pics XD (me so perasan XD) the room was so so dark. We tried to adjust it to the brightest but the "brightest" is STILL dark! sorry for the dark pics. Dad took the camera to camp so these photos are courtesy of kimzhiyi aka photographer and Eileen aka phone donator lol

J.CO Donuts!!!

Closer view XD

Yue wan, Ke Lin and Munyan
(FYI: everybody shown in this blog post are good ol' primary school buddies)

Yuewan and Munyan

Me and Eileen

Me and KeLin

Us again XD

Munyan and me

This has better lighting

Sorry for not celebrating your birthday for TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS!!!! >< Librarian camp la. You said you understand that and that's one of the reasons I love you ;D HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUNYAN! You are the tai-kah-jie among us i think... the earliest to reach 17 lol.

It rained and we all have to run to the train station. I think I'll be sick soon.. Kepimpinan thingy already running in the rain ><. The train kept delaying! Waited very long for it. While waiting, Munyan open up her presents. She said Her seniors so rich, didn't combine present de lol. Opps.... Eileen left the card we all wrote in the KTV! ><