Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sat: Genting! XD

Me and sis

Ladies day lol?

Happy birthday Shiyan!

Shiyan(left)MP '08

pia folio ar ><

Monday: Tuition lol. Sis have extra piano class so parents fetch her to Teacher Sophie's house behind Aeon Bukit Tinggi. While waiting for her, we went to shop XD. Develop pics for moral folio and some other pics. Had espresso in starbucks coffee (yum..) and guess what? Saw an "old" friend of mine-Jason Ong lol! Why do I see him when I'm half eating or drinking? =.= The last time I saw him was on my birthday, went for dinner with family. Was half eating and Jason pops out lol! He calls me miss tall tower :O He is *officially* Starbucks barista. Geng~ Check out his bloggie

Pics developed...

Memories of me with my loved ones <3

Monday: Slept late on Sunday cuz can't sleep. Thanks to espresso lol. still Pia-ing folio ><. Manage to finish it anyhow lol.

Tues: Willa, Cik Toh and Boon Shan's birthday!

Sms willa but no reply de... ><

Willa and Me <3 youth camp 08

The song me and weiyan wrote is hanging, not using it for camp song dy. As usual, Duty on tuesday. No need wrap book o... for me la XD. I don't know why I'm given typing jobs to do but anyway, love it XD. Typed duty list of this and that, cut out CPU's number thingy and etc. Few more days left before they hand in their signature book. And as usual (lol), Juniors floods over Senior to get their signature. For my case, They crave for my limited edition signature (perasan pulak XD). So far I signed less than 10 books lol? It's not that I don't want to give but nobody comes to get. Maybe will post bout how and what the juniors did to earn my signature lol.

Wed:No bible knowledge cuz Crystal has saringan. I enjoy watching the race. So gan jiong lol. (During sports day, can everybody in school close their eyes when it's 4X100m? ><) Sports day, Support Rumah C! XD Rumah C got 2nd for 4X400m in the girls's category. Got to catch up. Got last for Sukan tara ><.

Thursday: Spm result day! Congrats to all who made it!

Pn Koh Kwee Choo made my class check ex-f5 student's result. She gave me 5S1's result slip :O Loon Han and Gai Xiong straight A1s !!! You should see Loon Han's blog and feel the "chim=ness" of his language (as what weiyan said). Come to think of it, my language on my blog is so "pasar" type XD.