Sunday, 29 March 2009

Summary of my week: 2 days of marching and running practise. almost every part of my body is aching! Sports day is this coming Friday! >< Found this after CU activity...


Was looking all around for it's owner. The owner of this watch is my restaurant partner lol. Gary ar Gary... Watch can simply put de meh...

Nothing better to do XD

Sat: Earth Day!

Went to the Boey's house for potluck. 8.30pm: all lights turned off then all of us went out and "parade" around the neighbourhood with tanglungs (it's like early lantern festival liddet lol!). Went to the playground to play. Who say big girls can play? XD Oh, some kids fell off the see-saw and I fell next lol. The see-saw was a lil slippery after the rain. It was fun lol? After earth hour, went back to Boey's residence and there Uncle Boey did some sharing. Let me sum it up: Genesis-creation, Earth hour, pollution, human, responsible..

Pics pics.. XD ( thanks to nicola-camera phone sponsor)

Glow sticks!

One thing I learned from SSMC kids camp... Play dead! XD
Me and Nicola

An aunty thought Angelyn was my sis!

To my blog buddies cum readers: Thanks for reading. Sorry, Can't post too long cuz not much time for blogging. Have a great week yea =)