Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sorry for not posting lately. Busy with exams leh... add maths ar.. ><

Last Sunday

Sarah and Michael wore shirts with the same design... but different brand lol. cute huh?

took this pic using Willa's phone.

Feb 23, Monday
Photographer on duty again for Library's New book and CD introduce thingy lol. Hopefully nobody notice the date on Sue Ann's slide was "Febuari"! salah eja ><. Dr Chin aka our new headmaster wasn't around. Busy gua... Ate lunch with Sze Yeen and monday's trainee librarian. so quiet de... or is it me and Sze Yeen noisy XD

Duty day =) Juniors asked for signature. I ask basic question like:"what is my name?" but they don't know. Aiya.. Liddet how to sign. A junior spelled my name "sze yee"!! Ke Lin's surname when change to "Huang" de lol. many funny names came out of the trainee's imagination perhaps? lol Wei yan told me that during monday's assembly, somebody rub his back throughout the assembly. Rub very long but Weiyan didn't bother to see who was it cuz wei yan says guys play liddet lol? Wei Yan try to show the guy his sleeves (Librarians wear long sleeves that are folded) But the guy keep massaging him. Until the end of assembly or so, Wei yan turn his face to see the guy then the guy screamed: "OH SORRY!!! I GOT THE WRONG PERSON!" the people around them were laughing. And I laugh again after Wei yan told me that XD

Feb 26, Thursday

Form 5's sukan tara

Purposely went up all the way to 5S1 for this..


Me and Yan Wei were trianee librarians on Thursday back when we were form 3. She's Ketua Unit Koleksi and I'm her penolong. She's also one of my baskin kaki XD (refer to my november 2008 post) and one of my S.S buddy XD. We get to do a lot of things together. Thanks for everything buddy! =)

Some pics I took...

Yan wei's class... 5S1

took pics with yan wei. I look uglier in the morning. decided not to post it. But... will reveal my short hair pics in my next post so stay tuned XD