Friday, 24 April 2009


Last Saturday at HICT...

Left: Xiao En!!!
The last time I saw her was during last year's cu camp! Times flies...

Dao yi lol! He acted in quite a number of scenes

Spot Shinh Nian XD

The Cast + Shi Yang, the Director

The drama was very good. Two thumbs up! XD The drama was suppose to end at 9pm but it dragged til 10.40++! Didn't get to say Hi to my friends who were in the play. I learnt something from it but I forgot what >< The "cons" for not blogging straight after it lol

The only friend who say hi to the camera XD
Shinh Nian showing off his lips-coated-with-lipstick XD

Lang Lang! (not my first post bout him lol)

Didn't post for a long time. Now got so many stuff to post about so bear with me yea XD

First, announcement from Lembaga Pusat Sumber:
Student are allowed to borrow a magazine from bilik bacaan for a week and school magazine for 2 days (if I'm not mistaken). As a librarian, I must support library mah ;)

Recent reads:



Frankly speaking, I think Lang lang looks much better when he's into the music =)

My point of view:
Lang Lang as a famous pianist worked very hard to achieve what he have today. I think he is very blessed to have a father and professor to bring him up as a talented, world-renowned pianist. and... it motivates me to practice my piano harder lol.

Random... XD

Friday, 17 April 2009

I'm blessed!

Watch this (click the link for larger view)

Spend time to think on it...

I'm a food lover. You can tell it through the pics I took in my blog.

I'm so blessed >.< Give thanks in all circumstances...

Happy Birthday mum!

Celebrated mum's bday at Cinnamon, OneHotel. Mum seem to like that restaurant a lot. Went there last year too XD

Love the food! Pics by kimzhiyi lol

Thank you mum for everything.

Your dear daughter,

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Should have post this earlier but was having exams straight after sports day. But now... Exams are over! XD... for now lol Dad took cam to Putrajaya to snap his interviewing place. Siok Yee hasn't send me the oh-so-S.S pics lol. So, Here are some pics taken by my friends. (Siok yee ar... Quick quick send me the pics! lol)


Rumah C! won the best marched prize XD

From this point: my dear marching buddies =)

Me, Siew Eng and Sze Chin (top)

Me and Siew Eng

Me and Sherene

Me (lol) and Poh Kah

It's my second time marching for Rumah C. Both times fell sick because we practised a lot lol. Few of my marching mates fell sick too. Did I mentioned I nearly fainted? :X That's what my friends say lah... cuz my face got all pale and white lol. Purposely bought sunblock and after sun lotion cuz skin is like burning even after away from the Sun ><. Marching is not easy. It requires a lot of team work and to win the marching competition, its REALLY NOT EASY. But we did it anyway =) Made a lot of friends this time. I treasure the moments we practise, practise, prepare, prepare and the moment we won lol. AND I did my best to run. The track was not in good condition. Somebody from Rumah X banged the second runner. Maybe can't see the track clearly. The school field is so going to turn to a mud pool if nobody repairs it. I want to say a big thank you for all who gave support and those who saw me run lol especially my oh-so-meleter kor lol.

I'm going to turn into a study-holic/book-holic/ or what ever it is. Started add maths and accounts tuition this week. What to do... SPM soon. Anyway, This is my very first year taking tuition so wont get sick of it so fast XD

Kevin is a teacher in my school. He is a year older than me and he is teacher?! lol Been saying "Good morning teacher!" to Kevin few times this week. It's weird but it's funny XD

There goes my on9 time. Continue posting next time =)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

To JPA PILN interviewees...

I advise you to view loon han's blog before reading any further XD That junior he mentioned, is me lar XD

Attention!!! Special examination for PILN interviewees 2009

Ujian Khas Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) dibuka mulai 26 Mac 2009 hingga 6 April 2009. Sila layari portal eSILA untuk mengambil ujian tersebut. Ujian ini hanya perlu diambil oleh calon-calon yang berjaya untuk panggilan temuduga Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam sahaja.

Click here: