Friday, 24 April 2009

Lang Lang! (not my first post bout him lol)

Didn't post for a long time. Now got so many stuff to post about so bear with me yea XD

First, announcement from Lembaga Pusat Sumber:
Student are allowed to borrow a magazine from bilik bacaan for a week and school magazine for 2 days (if I'm not mistaken). As a librarian, I must support library mah ;)

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Frankly speaking, I think Lang lang looks much better when he's into the music =)

My point of view:
Lang Lang as a famous pianist worked very hard to achieve what he have today. I think he is very blessed to have a father and professor to bring him up as a talented, world-renowned pianist. and... it motivates me to practice my piano harder lol.

Random... XD