Friday, 29 May 2009

Holiday to do's

Librarian dedication!
To: Ketua Dedication, Pei Er (my junior XD) and dedication team,
You all did an excellent job =)

It's the Holls'! Think I'm free? lol not exactly

To Do's:
-Librarian camp (Lights, Camera, ACTION! :D)
-Eh, ISCF meeting on saturday also wey
-After camp, then librarian trip (It's F.O.C.! xD)
-Star NIE!!! Haven't started doing anything yet!
-Study. I'm serious...
-Family Trip
-Carnival and CU trip preparation

Did I miss out anything? (baskin... baskin...)

My dearies, I don't think I can make it to the audition. Transport prob... Unless one of you can pick me up at school lol! I'll still support you all spiritually =)

Perfect Day

Exams are over! For now lol. Kwang Hua had Teacher's Day Celebration Today.

Last week, Exam week
Pn Cheah asked Aaric, CJ, Crystal and me to perform to teachers day cuz Encik Lim Hong Koon suddenly ask her. Okay... We were suppose to get a song and practise but the songs teacher chose was not so suitable. Songs like: You needed me (my goodness) Wind under my wings (huh?!) It was exam week, everybody was very busy. No time to search for suitable songs.

Sat for Sivik paper and then.. End of exams! Aaric found a song! yay! We were told that we MIGHT perform on FRI, if there's still time. We were okay with that cuz haven't even practice! I had to look for Pn Cheah to do my English Oral (yea, Pn Cheah is my English teacher and Christian Union teacher and for now, our teacher-in-charge). Then, attend librarian's meeting from recess til 1pm. But, I manage to "escape" at 12.30pm with Wei Yan's "order". Can't say No to "ah-tau" rite? lol. Rush to science lab to practice the songs. Science lab?! lol

Back to today
Encik Lim Hong Koon told us that we are the 2nd team to perform!!! My goodness!

To K.I.S.S.(Keep it short & simple), We practice our song from 7.30am to 10am. Plus the half an hour I practice with my team yesterday, it's like ONLY 3 HOURS OF PRACTICE! The mic was too soft, nobody can hear us. Well, at least there's no "Bu" heard lol.

I know This post is long but do take time to read. I means a lot to me =)
Check out Aaric's blog => His post are shorter and easier to digest lol!

Mr Aaric and Me

Su Mei, Carissa, Denise, Pau Ling, Leonard, Matthias, Grace, Brittany and some other form 3 students performed a drama entitled "Crayon". I think they worked VERY HARD for the drama. They too were informed quite last minute (but not as worse as ours). They were all FORCED to stay back yesterday cuz their teacher-in-charged (don't want to mention that teacher's name) was late for the rehearsal! AND there was some technical error halfway through the drama. Their teacher did or say something that was not encouraging and of course, it hurts a lot. They went back to CU ROOM(yup, generously borrowed to them to practice their drama). Nobody wanted to say a word.

Tears + silence + disappointments...
"Why cant the teacher/teachers enjoy/appreciate what we prepared for them?"
I'll cry too if my teacher-in-charge was like theirs.

Well, there was a mood change when Aaric pass out choc bars (yummy) and chewing gums (pengawas wey lol ) AND MUSIC!

For a few moments I was very down. I don't want to elaborate much on this but... I want to say THANKS TO:

-Aaric, CJ and Crystal for sticking with me.
-Crayon drama group for your support, hugs, wishes =)
-Sze Yeen! For your encouragement (she say I sang well lol?), hugs (not for the pics you took lo lol!)
-all who cheered me up =)

You see the "siao" me, that means I'm back to my normal self lol

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

From the Star newspaper 17th May 2009:
KUALA TERENGGANU: The Government has approved an additional 2,141 promotions for excellent-grade graduate teachers and principals in secondary schools nationwide with immediate effect.
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the Government has also decided to create the same positions for those in primary schools.
“This increase was decided to recognise with gratitude the service of teachers in the country,” said Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, after launching the national-level Teachers’ Days celebration themed “Teachers, Builders of Nation and Society” here yesterday.

Life-time achievement: (From left) Abdul Rahim, Phua and Shahul Hamid posing with their medals and trophies after receiving them from Muhyiddin yesterday
Education Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Zulkurnain Awang and department director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom were also present at the event, which was held at the Islamic Civilisation Park.
Muhyiddin presented the Tokoh Guru 2009 award to Phua Seng Tiong, 64, Datuk Abdul Rahim, 63, and Shahul Hamid Mydin Shah, 60.
Phua, a former St Paul’s Institution of Seremban senior assistant, spent 39 years as an educationist, receiving the ministry’s excellence award in 1992 and the Federal Territory Tokoh Guru award in 2005. He retired as principal of SMK Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur, in 2000.
Abdul Rahim was recipient of Terengganu’s Tokoh Guru and Tokoh Maal Hijrah awards, both in 2008, and Shahul Hamid has contributed immensely to the development of Tamil-type schools in Perak.
Former education director-general Tan Sri Abdul Rafie Mahat was posthumously awarded the Tokoh Khas Kepimpinan Pendidikan.
Done reading? lol Wondered why I highlighted those words? That's my church pastor, Pastor Phua Seng Tiong =)He received Tokoh Guru 2009 award.

Now, Random pics... XD

My piano teacher, Teacher Sophie. Took this pic with her phone XD

I miss Teacher Vivian (my ex piano teacher aka my now piano teacher's ex teacher)... Long time didn't see her.
Just want to wish a very Happy (Belated) Teacher's Day to all the teachers in the world!
Thank you so much! =)

Friday, 15 May 2009

Birthday wishes to:

Amanda and Pei Er (my junior) turned 15 on May 10!

me and Amanda

Xiu Hong! 12th May same day with Hui Ling =)
This pic is taken from Wei Yang's blog. Check it out =)

And my restaurant partner turned 16 last 14th of May

CU first activity 2009

Now.... some "me" stuff XD

Just in the mood to S.S. (Syok Sendiri) a bit lol!


A pic to describe what I look/feel lately...

Exams! Finished Accounts and Economy paper. Decided not to reload my phone to control my fingers (lol!) but there's still a lot of messages coming in. There's something called "house phone" right? So, Use it! XD. Usually on fri there's CU activity. Straight after that, I'll go home, wash up then go for tuition. But today, since it's exam week, there's no CU activity and Guess what? I MISSED MY ACCOUNTS TUITION! AND I FORGOT IT'S FRIDAY! talking about short term memory lost here. I got to get my brain checked lol. I got a lot to blog about but I'll K.I.S.S (Keep It Short & Simple, in case you don't know what K.I.S.S is :D)

Saturday, 9 May 2009


I'll leave Jia Yee to update Cu blog lol. Want to share some pics I took during CU activity.

Praise and worship

Oh just look at their smiles ;D

Mr Bear aka Eurick giving his "2min" speech lol

Yi Yan shared how Hui Ling have been a good friend to her

Pn Goh's husband got a job in Cameron Highlands. Her whole family got to move there. Still not sure whether she's leaving us on June or end of this year. Some probs with the application for school transfer.

Hui Ling shared bits and pieces of her relationship with friends in Cu and God.

Presented them a huge card. This is how the card looks like before we signed. For the "after sign" look, wait for Jia Yee to update la XD Group pic oso with her =). Not to mention I went all around the school holding a huge card to let everyone sign. Pn Esah was like: Kimberly sangat sibuk hor... lol

Praying for Birthday Boy, Chee Ming

Pic of the day...

True friends are hard to find. They are blessings from God so treasure them =)

Pn Goh has been very supportive to CU. Hui Ling served in CU as afternoon session secretary. She's also a good friend to all of us. And David (Pn Goh's son) is so cute and cubby lol.
We will surely miss Pn Goh, Hui Ling and David!!! T.T

The weather is so hot! I think I will finish this Sunblock i purposely bought for Sports day lol. It's not easy to recover from sunburned... for me la

Exams next week! Yikes!

Friday, 8 May 2009


Librarian 2009 contact list...

See that?

SSMC aka my church's Berita- My Baptism

See that? (X2)

My name ar... >< There's no 'E' between L and Y. Well, at least they spelled my name right in the latest Berita XD.

My Name =)


Friday, 1 May 2009

Library news

The title of this blog make me sound like a reporter, no? The photo taking journey of mine for library *officially* began when Wei Yan suggested me to be in charged of the library's camera. Not to mention, he said that during librarian meeting in front of everyone, and yup, including teachers. For me it was sudden but it was ok lah. Thank God, Pn Ng didn't ask why he suggested me cuz Wei Yan's answer will most likely be:"She's a S.S-er!" (Syok-sendiri-er) I didn't take it as a job, cuz photo taking is leisure to me =)

Now...Library news:

Form 1 students' tour to library

Chia Voon explaining (FYI: she just celebrated her sweet 16 on 29th of April ^^)

I got to show this pic. Why? cuz a few of them here successfully entered the library family as trainees. They are so friendly, cute and photogenic XD

Morning session's Pencalonon (New Librarian Intake)

That's Xuan Ao. He got through btw =)

Kursus (Course)

Books and CD Rom presentation

Introducing the presenters: Shi Yan and Jia Wei

Opening of Library's Cafe
(I don't know who agreed on the name "Starbuck cafe". The difference between Starbuck and Starbucks is onli a "s" at the end. Why not put it as Kwang Hua cafe? I love Starbucks k lol )

Pn Low

Pn Ng and Pn Low

The crowd who witness the opening

(fyi: ALL of the breads are gone within 10 mins so hurry if you want to buy!)

Sze Yeen and Wen Ying



At the Cashier

Book fair

Kor promoting! XD

My pencil case

There's more to come... Librarian camp, trip.... until I retire lol and btw, I want to request for a better camera for library. This camer is very old. can't really take clear images when librarians are so hyper and my hand is holding the camera very still. Wei Yan hor? *Hinting...* He tried to use the camera but he take blurrer pics lol