Friday, 15 May 2009

Birthday wishes to:

Amanda and Pei Er (my junior) turned 15 on May 10!

me and Amanda

Xiu Hong! 12th May same day with Hui Ling =)
This pic is taken from Wei Yang's blog. Check it out =)

And my restaurant partner turned 16 last 14th of May

CU first activity 2009

Now.... some "me" stuff XD

Just in the mood to S.S. (Syok Sendiri) a bit lol!


A pic to describe what I look/feel lately...

Exams! Finished Accounts and Economy paper. Decided not to reload my phone to control my fingers (lol!) but there's still a lot of messages coming in. There's something called "house phone" right? So, Use it! XD. Usually on fri there's CU activity. Straight after that, I'll go home, wash up then go for tuition. But today, since it's exam week, there's no CU activity and Guess what? I MISSED MY ACCOUNTS TUITION! AND I FORGOT IT'S FRIDAY! talking about short term memory lost here. I got to get my brain checked lol. I got a lot to blog about but I'll K.I.S.S (Keep It Short & Simple, in case you don't know what K.I.S.S is :D)