Saturday, 9 May 2009


I'll leave Jia Yee to update Cu blog lol. Want to share some pics I took during CU activity.

Praise and worship

Oh just look at their smiles ;D

Mr Bear aka Eurick giving his "2min" speech lol

Yi Yan shared how Hui Ling have been a good friend to her

Pn Goh's husband got a job in Cameron Highlands. Her whole family got to move there. Still not sure whether she's leaving us on June or end of this year. Some probs with the application for school transfer.

Hui Ling shared bits and pieces of her relationship with friends in Cu and God.

Presented them a huge card. This is how the card looks like before we signed. For the "after sign" look, wait for Jia Yee to update la XD Group pic oso with her =). Not to mention I went all around the school holding a huge card to let everyone sign. Pn Esah was like: Kimberly sangat sibuk hor... lol

Praying for Birthday Boy, Chee Ming

Pic of the day...

True friends are hard to find. They are blessings from God so treasure them =)

Pn Goh has been very supportive to CU. Hui Ling served in CU as afternoon session secretary. She's also a good friend to all of us. And David (Pn Goh's son) is so cute and cubby lol.
We will surely miss Pn Goh, Hui Ling and David!!! T.T

The weather is so hot! I think I will finish this Sunblock i purposely bought for Sports day lol. It's not easy to recover from sunburned... for me la

Exams next week! Yikes!