Friday, 29 May 2009

Holiday to do's

Librarian dedication!
To: Ketua Dedication, Pei Er (my junior XD) and dedication team,
You all did an excellent job =)

It's the Holls'! Think I'm free? lol not exactly

To Do's:
-Librarian camp (Lights, Camera, ACTION! :D)
-Eh, ISCF meeting on saturday also wey
-After camp, then librarian trip (It's F.O.C.! xD)
-Star NIE!!! Haven't started doing anything yet!
-Study. I'm serious...
-Family Trip
-Carnival and CU trip preparation

Did I miss out anything? (baskin... baskin...)

My dearies, I don't think I can make it to the audition. Transport prob... Unless one of you can pick me up at school lol! I'll still support you all spiritually =)