Friday, 1 May 2009

Library news

The title of this blog make me sound like a reporter, no? The photo taking journey of mine for library *officially* began when Wei Yan suggested me to be in charged of the library's camera. Not to mention, he said that during librarian meeting in front of everyone, and yup, including teachers. For me it was sudden but it was ok lah. Thank God, Pn Ng didn't ask why he suggested me cuz Wei Yan's answer will most likely be:"She's a S.S-er!" (Syok-sendiri-er) I didn't take it as a job, cuz photo taking is leisure to me =)

Now...Library news:

Form 1 students' tour to library

Chia Voon explaining (FYI: she just celebrated her sweet 16 on 29th of April ^^)

I got to show this pic. Why? cuz a few of them here successfully entered the library family as trainees. They are so friendly, cute and photogenic XD

Morning session's Pencalonon (New Librarian Intake)

That's Xuan Ao. He got through btw =)

Kursus (Course)

Books and CD Rom presentation

Introducing the presenters: Shi Yan and Jia Wei

Opening of Library's Cafe
(I don't know who agreed on the name "Starbuck cafe". The difference between Starbuck and Starbucks is onli a "s" at the end. Why not put it as Kwang Hua cafe? I love Starbucks k lol )

Pn Low

Pn Ng and Pn Low

The crowd who witness the opening

(fyi: ALL of the breads are gone within 10 mins so hurry if you want to buy!)

Sze Yeen and Wen Ying



At the Cashier

Book fair

Kor promoting! XD

My pencil case

There's more to come... Librarian camp, trip.... until I retire lol and btw, I want to request for a better camera for library. This camer is very old. can't really take clear images when librarians are so hyper and my hand is holding the camera very still. Wei Yan hor? *Hinting...* He tried to use the camera but he take blurrer pics lol