Friday, 29 May 2009

Perfect Day

Exams are over! For now lol. Kwang Hua had Teacher's Day Celebration Today.

Last week, Exam week
Pn Cheah asked Aaric, CJ, Crystal and me to perform to teachers day cuz Encik Lim Hong Koon suddenly ask her. Okay... We were suppose to get a song and practise but the songs teacher chose was not so suitable. Songs like: You needed me (my goodness) Wind under my wings (huh?!) It was exam week, everybody was very busy. No time to search for suitable songs.

Sat for Sivik paper and then.. End of exams! Aaric found a song! yay! We were told that we MIGHT perform on FRI, if there's still time. We were okay with that cuz haven't even practice! I had to look for Pn Cheah to do my English Oral (yea, Pn Cheah is my English teacher and Christian Union teacher and for now, our teacher-in-charge). Then, attend librarian's meeting from recess til 1pm. But, I manage to "escape" at 12.30pm with Wei Yan's "order". Can't say No to "ah-tau" rite? lol. Rush to science lab to practice the songs. Science lab?! lol

Back to today
Encik Lim Hong Koon told us that we are the 2nd team to perform!!! My goodness!

To K.I.S.S.(Keep it short & simple), We practice our song from 7.30am to 10am. Plus the half an hour I practice with my team yesterday, it's like ONLY 3 HOURS OF PRACTICE! The mic was too soft, nobody can hear us. Well, at least there's no "Bu" heard lol.

I know This post is long but do take time to read. I means a lot to me =)
Check out Aaric's blog => His post are shorter and easier to digest lol!

Mr Aaric and Me

Su Mei, Carissa, Denise, Pau Ling, Leonard, Matthias, Grace, Brittany and some other form 3 students performed a drama entitled "Crayon". I think they worked VERY HARD for the drama. They too were informed quite last minute (but not as worse as ours). They were all FORCED to stay back yesterday cuz their teacher-in-charged (don't want to mention that teacher's name) was late for the rehearsal! AND there was some technical error halfway through the drama. Their teacher did or say something that was not encouraging and of course, it hurts a lot. They went back to CU ROOM(yup, generously borrowed to them to practice their drama). Nobody wanted to say a word.

Tears + silence + disappointments...
"Why cant the teacher/teachers enjoy/appreciate what we prepared for them?"
I'll cry too if my teacher-in-charge was like theirs.

Well, there was a mood change when Aaric pass out choc bars (yummy) and chewing gums (pengawas wey lol ) AND MUSIC!

For a few moments I was very down. I don't want to elaborate much on this but... I want to say THANKS TO:

-Aaric, CJ and Crystal for sticking with me.
-Crayon drama group for your support, hugs, wishes =)
-Sze Yeen! For your encouragement (she say I sang well lol?), hugs (not for the pics you took lo lol!)
-all who cheered me up =)

You see the "siao" me, that means I'm back to my normal self lol