Friday, 12 June 2009

Librarian Trip 09

I'm a Form 5 senior dy =) After stress-ing bout last year's trip (come on, my kor is the Ketua Lwatan, I can't be just having fun and let him do ALL the work lol), It's a trip for me and the other librarian buddies to have fun. Well, there was a serious meeting thingy which spoils my mood (a lot!), and it even cost me my sleeping and shower time! Coming back sweaty and can't shower JUST BECAUSE of the "unnecessary" meeting =.= Choose the right time to say the right words lah~ I pity the form 4s

-Gua Tempurung (a must-go before you grow old lol)
-Empangan (water~)

Had fun in
-Bukit Merah Lake Town Water Park
-Eco Park (animals, plants and insects)
-Night Safari (no animals came out de =.=)

Must try
-the Hor Fun in Restaurant Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau! Love it! XD
-the curry prawn and bread in Restaurant Meridien in Taiping Perak!

I received loads of comments on my previous photo upload. Appreciate it! =) For more pics on my Librarian Trip, Click

Here are some pics I chose among so many pics to share with you all =)

Me and and my "bed" mate, Sze Yeen
Good job you did in Librarian Camp! It must be tough and I understand that =)

My all time S.S partner, Yee Wen!

My dear Ke Lin and Me

The desserts and stressed XD
I know it's hard to let go of the Board of Librarians...

Me and Yung Huey
Miss you! =)

Me and Yung Shuen (Yung Huey's sis)
Young photographer~

My duty mates. Check out Ke Lin's expression! XD

I took a pic for 五大天王 during last year's librarian trip.
Refer to my blog history XD
*smiles* Nice pic~
Wei Yan, Seh Hui and Chun Woei

I love this scene


Again? XD <3

I got your backs lol!

2 more weeks before I retire...
Treasure these moments =)