Sunday, 19 July 2009

ISCF Rally "Step Up" Appreciation Lunch

18/07/09 Saturday
Had a post-mortem meeting before having lunch. I was leading worship and don't think I wasn't nervous! So long didn't lead dy, been "training" the soon-to-be leaders in CU. My cu darlings, everyone has that nervous-ness and all but no worries, I know you all can pull it off well =)
(last word of Pres? lol)

At Fruity's

Nice food


WinLi's Fish and chips

Good laugh~ Thanks to Joyce! =)

Me and Su May

Us again

I truly enjoy working with these bunch of people. Again? perhaps

For More pics, Stalk TIRZAH! XD

CU gotong royong 09

17/07/09 Friday
Hoho~ No librarian tie and tag for 2 weeks or so. Getting used to it. During our Friday CU activity, All of us gave our testimony and yea, We can see how ISCF rally 09 impacted our lifes and our friends lifes. Moving on~ Clean up!



Let's get to work ppl!


With the help of my "smart cam", we manage to take a group pics. For those who went home early then too bad lo, take again next time =)


My Darlings~

Me and Kian Xian

Su mei and Me (I'm sweating wey~)

Sarah, Su Mei and Me

Kian Xian, Budding pianist, Siao Kim and Joe Siang, my pro guitar teacher XD

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Step Up! ISCF Rally 2009

11/07/09 Saturday

Everybody say Rally~ Step Up, Step Up

Say What? Step Up, Step Up
Say Rally~ Step Up, Step Up
Say, Say, Say *screams shouts*

I hope I didn't get the usher's cheer wrong lol!

Before rally
Arrived Hin Hua about 12.30pm or so (I was late!)
Had briefing and all then everyone was allow to go home. Home? Who fetch me back o~ Sarah went to Carissa's house while I hang out with the "can't go home" ppl lol! Had tea time in this erm... shop near Hin Hua. I shall not talk much about the food or drinks there but Some hints will give you the idea of it. Can you imagine waiting for almost 2 hours and your food is STILL not ready (not me la~) and there's ants in your drink? (me T.T) But overall the fellowship with friends (and new friends!) was good and entertaining lol! And great~ The two guys who were sitting opposite me (don't make me tell my blog readers your names!) were singing "It ends tonight~" (Thanks a lot...Eat ants tonight lol!) I even get to cycle Leonard's bicycle around the compound (a way of promoting the rally shirts? lol~) I still have the skill of cycling XD

During rally
The sketch team did a great job! I heard many good comments regarding the sketch from my friends =). I love the String instruments~! The emcees were good too. Oh yea, haven't post about my visit to MPO lol. The Speaker was Ps. Andy Yeoh. Short and simple sermon about Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) And Praise the Lord! Many were saved! =)

After rally
Didn't take much pics as I was busy doing what I was suppose to do lol! Blur pics~ I think it's quite artistic XD

Desserts and Stressed
(I'm not good at taking pics when I'm in the pic myself)

Me and Win Li, our dear prayer coordinator!

Grabbed from Tirzah's blog
Tirzah, Winli and Me

Me and Su May!

Thanks for keeping me company =)

Me and Justin.
(I looked so tired wey~)
He looks better when he smiles. Compare this with the pic I took during last year's rally.

Never fail to help ppl take pics. At least it's not as blur as the ones I S.S lol!
Su Mei and Sarah

Joyce called my phone, asking me to go down to the canteen and for no reasons I shook hand with this person without knowing who he was! Me: Er... Who is this? Joyce: Your bro la..



The Yongs~ Kim and Alex
Alex so fair de~!

I found these around my neck.

"If You can use anything Lord, You can use me..."

Glad to be part of the committee and serving Him who is My God, My Saviour, My Friend =)

Don't you love~ the Orange-coloured Rally Shirt? XD
I hope they update the rally pics soon =)

My blog shall rest a lil~

Friday, 10 July 2009

Advertisement for ISCF Rally 2009

I found these two photos in the Librarian trip album so decided to do something with it ;)

I haven't ask Ke Lin's permission but hey, she won't mind =)

Ke Lin is wearing last year's ISCF rally t-shirt
"Why am I waiting~? When is the next rally?"

Here comes me~ XD

Me:"It's tomorrow, my dear! Don't forget to bring your friends and of course, yourself!" XD
Ke Lin *smiles*

AND Just in case you forget
(yea, YOU! There! Staring at my blog lol)
Click for a larger view~

***This is totally not planned. Thanks to whoever who took this pic lol~!***

Director: Me!
Models: Ke Lin and =)

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Warning: Pls skip this page if you can't handle the S.S-ness (Syok sendiri-ness) of Kim.

Title of random-ness: Me and Eye bags

Can you see it?

There it is! Huge eyes lol! (still smiling pulak =.=)

Faking the small eyes

LOL! I don't have small eyes and neither do I have no eye bags! It's natural! Refer to my previous posts... super obvious wey. Refer further to my facebook pic album, there's a baby photo of me somewhere and you can recognize me alomst immediately cuz.. Yup! I'm the Baby with eye bags lol!

ANYWAY... This isn't the MAIN point!

I'm having my Grade 8 piano exam tomorrow (yea... I know I'm a lil old for Grade 8 but hey, better than never doing it right?) N a lil bit of camwhoring well.. keeps me a lil crazy, like Kim always does... rite? =) Then Saturday will be Interschool Christian Fellowship Rally! Tuesday: Monthly test ar...

Last week~ Note from Jia Yee

Today: Note from her again~ so Sweet =) Appreciate it!

Friends are blessings from God =)


I Like me just the way I am XD

Would you just LOL? (Laugh-Out-Loud) ;D

Sunday, 5 July 2009



Everybody look here!

Inter-school Christian Fellowship Rally is back!

I'll see you there! If you don't see me, call me, I'll get you XD. Invite your friends, cousins, family, neighbour ... anybody! It's an event for Everybody. See you! :)

I realize I left my post bout last year's rally in my draft! Oh no! Going to get it out soon... I hope lol. I forgot what to write (double oh no). I'm having my Grd 8 piano exams this Friday! Pls pray for me. I need it much. Thanks =)

My week feat. Tuesday Librarian MP and CU activity

Tuesday, Report card day. My results improved but STILL NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. and it's LAST DAY of duty. Oh well..

First, some pics.

On the way to canteen...

Eh? How come we are outside of school? We WERE on the way to the canteen but curious us, went to check out the 8tv van XD We got HL strawberry milk from them lol!


Food... Prepared by juniors. Thanks yea!

Ke Lin da ex- Ketua Kumpulan of Tuesday

.. and that's the *new* Ketua Kumpulan, Su Yee!

Not much pics but yea, I'm trying to RETIRE lol! Time to let the "younger ones" to take over, and that includes the photo taking part! Oh well... still can't really retire cuz teacher wants me to print out ALL the library-librarian pics I've taken for 2009. No Time to go out to develop them wey...


Special Guest Speaker... Runa from Scripture Union

Game by Jennifer, also from Scripture Union
We are suppose to ask people questions like "Am I a guy?", all your friend can answer is YES or No and You have to guess "who are you".

Check out their foreheads! XD

Su Mei and Joyce

Xuan Ao

Ke LIn and Vion

Guess what I got?
Osama! lol?

Was a tiring week. Cant post that often. I keep some of my post in my draft lol! So blog readers.... Be Patient =) Thanks

Eileen's 17th birthday

A very special post for a very special friend...

1st of July


Presenting... Miss Eileen Choo Qian Wen!
FYI: She's Pembantu Pusat Sumber Misali!

Her besties (including me!) made her an album. Special thanks to Munyan who stayed up late to complete it! =) It wasn't easy making it, Eileen HARDLY S.S-es. Munyan had to even crop a pic to produce a self portrait of her.

Me: Eh, show a bit leh... I want to see

"nah... =)" Eileen smiles sweetly ^^

Mun Yan and Eileen

Fiona, Me and Eileen

Eileen and Me =)

I got to know her during primary school. Oh My... Time flies! Eileen changed a lot. From long hair to short hair, she took off her braces and she looked good with her nice shiny teeth ;) most importantly, Eileen grew mentally and spiritually! She's like one of the smartest ppl I know XD Having her as a friend IS a blessing.

To Eileen: I hope you enjoyed your birthday =). Wished I could spend more time with you. Not enough space for me to write in that album leh. I truly treasure our friendship. Still counting on =) Love you...猪猪! ^^ God bless!