Sunday, 19 July 2009

CU gotong royong 09

17/07/09 Friday
Hoho~ No librarian tie and tag for 2 weeks or so. Getting used to it. During our Friday CU activity, All of us gave our testimony and yea, We can see how ISCF rally 09 impacted our lifes and our friends lifes. Moving on~ Clean up!



Let's get to work ppl!


With the help of my "smart cam", we manage to take a group pics. For those who went home early then too bad lo, take again next time =)


My Darlings~

Me and Kian Xian

Su mei and Me (I'm sweating wey~)

Sarah, Su Mei and Me

Kian Xian, Budding pianist, Siao Kim and Joe Siang, my pro guitar teacher XD