Sunday, 5 July 2009

Eileen's 17th birthday

A very special post for a very special friend...

1st of July


Presenting... Miss Eileen Choo Qian Wen!
FYI: She's Pembantu Pusat Sumber Misali!

Her besties (including me!) made her an album. Special thanks to Munyan who stayed up late to complete it! =) It wasn't easy making it, Eileen HARDLY S.S-es. Munyan had to even crop a pic to produce a self portrait of her.

Me: Eh, show a bit leh... I want to see

"nah... =)" Eileen smiles sweetly ^^

Mun Yan and Eileen

Fiona, Me and Eileen

Eileen and Me =)

I got to know her during primary school. Oh My... Time flies! Eileen changed a lot. From long hair to short hair, she took off her braces and she looked good with her nice shiny teeth ;) most importantly, Eileen grew mentally and spiritually! She's like one of the smartest ppl I know XD Having her as a friend IS a blessing.

To Eileen: I hope you enjoyed your birthday =). Wished I could spend more time with you. Not enough space for me to write in that album leh. I truly treasure our friendship. Still counting on =) Love you...猪猪! ^^ God bless!