Friday, 3 July 2009

Hari Koperasi

27th June
It's usually called "canteen day" in most schools but it won't be a canteen day for my school as all stalls in the canteen was close on Hari Koperasi lol! Didn't take many pics, working k lol.

At Christian Union's stall.

You see customers? =)


Red bean, Milo, nescafe, Kikapoo, Sarsi, A&W Ice lollies (some not in the pic)

The lollies are real ICY!
Experiment: Joe Siang the ice lolly "digger" touch the lollies
erm... OUch? lol

Kor wouldn't squat still! Fishy ran away lu~

After the hard work
Jia Yee and KeLin

Me and J.S.

Was having flu and sore throat then I lost my voice after all the screaming, shouting, yelling... siao me XD

Rush for rally rehearsal ar..


In School~

Lozenges to the rescue!

He likes everything B-L-U-E LOL! Thanks kor! He got NS *drumroll* Wish I can teman you XD Take it positively =)